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Originally posted 11 June 2008

Last night and this morning all these ideas started invading my brain. I think 'Be the change you want to see in the world' is a great idea, but given that I only have one (1) fic to my name, I'm not confident in my ability to have not sucky writing and I don't have quiiiite enough background yet for the characterization for some of these. And I don't want to feature in those rants I see floating around to the tune of 'Fandom, you suck and you're doing it wrong. :P

But I really really really wanna see them written~ ;_; So...
Arashi Fic bunnies to a good home! i.e. self-indulgent fantasies that I hope to be able to write at some point or have someone else write them. :D :D :D

1) Nino and Aiba ganging up on someone, especially Jun or Sho

2) Aftermath of Himitsu no Arashi-chan #9, when Jun corners his bandmates backstage

3) Nino/Jun. 5 times Nino shows Jun he cares, and one way Jun returns the favor.

4) More Nino and Sho ganging up on someone

5) Arashi Kitchen- we now serve rap!

6) Nino and Aiba- adventures in DDR. OR, Nino's attempts to educate Aiba about gaming and/or gamer culture? (I really wanna write this but all I know about gaming is what little I have osmosed from my gamer brother, gamer friends in college and my flist. :\)

7) Sho being bullied by his bandmates. 5 times Sho attempts to escape being bullied by his stupid bandmates, and one time he actually succeeds (sort of)

8) 5 times Nino is completely blindsided by his bandmates, and one time they utterly fail to do so

9) Things Ohno does in concert that drives the rest of Arashi crazy (for varying interpretations of crazy)

10) 5 times Ohno is Evil, Evil, Evil <-- I feel like this one should involve porn at some point. :D

11) 5 Times Arashi sits on Jun and gets him to freaking eat something <--pure self indulgence, hahaha

12) 5 Times His Stupid Bandmates Featured in the Nightmares of Matsumoto Jun - ♥♥♥ - by the lovely [livejournal.com profile] waxrose

*stares hopefully at fandom*

ETA: I'm putting together ideas for that gamer bunny. Help? I read somewhere that Aiba or Sho gave Nino a Star Wars dvd or somesuch for his birthday, clearly aiming for 'general fannish otaku' and missing the gamer part of it. And didn't Nino talk on Utaban about playing in an MMORPG in English a while back?

I just watched DnA #72 with the otaku and cosplay, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] flange5's heads up, and clearly that topic was Matsujun's idea and not so much Aiba's. Even if the both of them read manga. Hmm. Suggestions of any kind are appreciated! ♥ *stares meaningfully at*

ETA 24 June 2008: I've got a couple ficbits done for the gamer bunny. I think it might end up being a '5 Times' sort of thing? Anybody willing to look over what I've got for gamer consistency and suchlike? Bueller? *crickets chirp*
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