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Fic bunnies and links to fulfilled fics )
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First day at the new job, administrative assistant, aka glorified receptionist. Learned shiny new things, so far so good. Didn't blow anything up.

It's still the 30th here, so I figure I'll join the bandwagon and wish Jun-face a happy birthday. ;P No matter how far I range in fandoms (even though I'm currently neck deep in Inception fic and playing around in Super Junior M and various other Korean groups), Arashi's proved to keep their hold on me. ^_^

Hope all you lovely folks are doing well, I'll try to be better at, um, being alive. <3
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So I was at the main house watching the Golden Horse Awards (it's a Chinese movie awards show with entries from mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc.) and my mom was reading the local Chinese language weekly. She turns the page to the entertainment section, and the first thing I see is this: )
I just wanted to share, because it amused me.

P.S. I don't do holiday cards. However! I have really cute holiday stamps from the post office! So if anyone would like me to write them a letter filled with silly sketches, because snail mail is fun, PM me with your address and maybe I'll have something out by New Year. :D Love to all, hope you're doing well.
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Hey folks <3 I'm alive. And I will make a life-in-Melonland update soonish. But first!

So I went to Taipei, Taiwan last year to see Arashi in their AAA2008 concert (you can check my tags on the side for my journal entries about it). It was marvelous, and I ended up buying some concert goods. One of them was the penlight; the other was the group poster with the fireworks and all.

The point being, this poster has been hanging on my wall and creeping me out for the past year. ^_^;;;;; I've discovered that I'm kinda averse to having faces of people I don't personally know staring down at me, haha, as much as I love Arashi. I'm hoping there is someone out there on my lovely flist (or lurks, why not) who does not have my issues who'd like this poster! :P

clickie for pic! )

And since it's still November 3 here (ahaha though not in Japan anymore ^^;;;) Happy 10th Anniversary Arashi! Love and laughter to you from this day forward.

Love to you all, update will happen. Somehow. ♥
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In the immortal words of Granny Weatherwax. She is badass.

I'm....totally not in the mood to update about my life. Ehehehe. But instead, to have some useful content, I would like to direct everyone over to [livejournal.com profile] jerainbowbridge which just had an exchange. Basically a lot of inter-group unity and hijinks going on. Even if you don't know half the groups involved, that's okay, treat them like original characters. :D Because the talent over there is phenomenal, please go read!

My current favorites, working backwards:
Secret Places: Ohkura/Junno/Kame. Mmm, a definite curl-up-with-hot-tea-and-a-blanket story. Gorgeously lyrical writing.

How to Win Friends and Influence People: Yoko, Aiba, Nino, Koyama, Junno, Toma. Totally adorable friendship fic. Nino and Junno are my favorites in this, I think. ♥

eleven, uneven (perfect): Arashi and NewS office AU. At times silly, poignant, and revealing, this author clearly had a lot of fun putting different matchups together. Plus I am a sucker for office AUs.

Thin Line Between Work and Friendship: Toma/Yamapi, Yamapi-Jin-Ryo friendship. AU with Yamapi as a rent-a-friend. This was a lot sweeter than I expected from the premise. Yamapi's friends are not helpful. Except when they are. XDDD

Accidentally in Love ~or~ Five Times Jun Noticed Massu: Jun/Massu, Arashi, NewS. Guh, this is such an unexpected pairing, but pulled off convincingly, with neither party being unduly angsty or stupid. Koyama, Shige, Aiba and Sho kind of steal the show. XDDD So adorable.

Per Ardua, Ad Astra: NEWS, KAT-TUN, Arashi, Takki&Tsubasa, Toma & some other juniors, Hey!Say!JUMP cameo, Maki/Meisa cameos, ONE OK ROCK, Charlotte, Vistlip, SID (copied from the page because holy cow a lot of people. Okay, this one is epic. Cowboy Bebop or Firefly kind of epic. 4 parts epic. Hit all my space adventure kinks, though there's a bit of explanatory wordiness in lots of areas where Anon-san explains some of the physics or military stuff or technical what have you, it's not more than what you'd find in the average military space sci-fi novel. (Ahaha anyone who reads David Weber knows what I mean. XDDD) NewS and KAT-TUN as space traders of awesome. Two words: the ship's name is One Piece. XDDD

Never Compete with the Elephant in Defecating: Ryo, Junno, Shige, Kame, Koyama, Jin, Yamapi, Ueda, and Kinki Kids, with appearances by or mentions of other News and KAT-TUN members, Arashi, Tackey & Tsubasa, Toma, and select members of TOKIO and SMAP. Immigration office AU! Yeah, the title kind of threw me off at first, but don't let that stop you! Incredibly hilarious AU. Very strange people attempt to get past these officers and immigrate into JE-land.

Japanese Whispers: Mentions of practically every band pre-2006. The Johnny's Gossip Network plays Telephone. You'll want to be sure you don't have any food or drink in hand when you read this. :|b

shaka lacka boom boom
(alternative title: the one in which Arashi are evil robots programmed to take over the world)
: Kanjani8, Arashi, KAT-TUN, NewS; (Aiba/Toma, Nino/Kame, Koki/Shige, MatsuJun/Koyama, and if you squint, some Pin). Yeah, that title says it all, maybe. XD AU in which Hina and Yoko are mad scientists. This is the good crack, for serious. Also one to avoid drinking while reading. XDD

Lotsa good stuff. ^____^b Please feed the authors, I have to get my act together and comment on the stuff that came out earlier in the challenge posting. Definitely going to have to do some stalking after reveals are up.
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First things first: I've been reading various people's concert reports, especially ones by people who've been to Johnny's and non-Johnny's concerts in Japan. And it occurs to me that Johnny's concerts are as much about the spectacle (more, probably :P) as about the music. It makes me think of the days of the Roman empire, and the 'bread and circuses' to keep the masses entertained so they wouldn't get restless and revolt against the emperor.

Only now instead of gladiators and blood, we have pretty boys and sparkles.

That's your thought for the day. :D

Second things second: I've been sitting on this fic for a little while. It's been through beta, so technically it's all right, but I still feel like it's missing something. I'm sloooooowly putting together more parts in my head, but it hasn't made it onto paper yet. So I'm just going to put it out there for now, any thoughts you lovelies have would be awesome.

Title: Girlfriends (School's Not Just For Booklearning)
Fandom: Arashi
Pairings: Gen
Length: Currently approx 2500 words
Summary: On the occasion of [livejournal.com profile] beckerbell’s birthday. ♥ The idea sprung out from a chance comment [livejournal.com profile] still_ciircee made in her journal about wanting to see Nino and Jun as junior high school girlfriends. So…junior high school girl!Arashi AU. There's your warning! Also fulfilling the April (yes, late I know) [livejournal.com profile] kotobayori random word generated fic prompt. My words were: person, transport, tragic, hooey, and foremost.

Notes: Incredible amounts of love and sparkles to [livejournal.com profile] kegom and [livejournal.com profile] waxrose for their input and suggestions and improvements. ♥ Mistakes are still all mine.

Fake cut! In which beginnings…begin, introductions pile up, and don’t believe Kazuko about the microwaves.
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So today was the last day of business at the store I manage. So tired. But I still had an art attack after re-reading [livejournal.com profile] waxrose's part 42 in [livejournal.com profile] arashiroadtrip.

Title: Puddlejumping
Fandom: Arashi
Rating: Holding hands under umbrellas
Media: Ink wash, color pencils, markers, micron pens

follow the fake-cut!

Nino rolls his eyes. "That's why I brought this," he answers, handing over a smaller, rainbow-striped umbrella. "Not that I wouldn't love to save you from the big, scary rainclouds, but Satoshi and I are going puddle-jumping, so I think you can find your own way back to the house."
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I was at the bookstore browsing and tachiyomi-ing after a study session, and decided to re-read the last volume of Hana Kimi. And partway through, there's an author's note. The mangaka writes that she was listening to Arashi's Pikanchi Double single all through the period she was working on this volume (2004) and there's a cute little drawing of a cd case labeled Iza, Now! :D

Mmm Hana-Kimi manga. So cute. Also read a cleaned up version of Skip Beat! volume 18, makes rather more sense than the scanned-straight-from-the-magazine scanlation. ^^
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Completely and totally procrastinating. I ought to be cleaning my room because I have a relative staying over tomorrow. And instead - I had an art attack. Inspired by the amazing, amazing people over at [livejournal.com profile] arashiroadtrip, a terrific AU that involves driving around, fishing accidents, pancake catapults, snuggles and makeouts (and then some). Do go check it out! ^____^

Anyhow, the lovely [livejournal.com profile] primroseshows wrote a part that was quite evocative, and I spent about an hour and a half sketching and drawing out something. You can take a look at it at the fake cut at my fic/art journal. ^_^

Follow the fake-cut to a sunset~
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I think I'm on 6?

1. I am unreasonably amused by the reactions I'm getting from my hair still, since a lot of people I am colleagues with haven't seen it yet. XD So today when I was driving over to another store to drop off lab supplies, the manager there totally didn't recognize me. Then she said that she loved my new hair. *preens a little* haha, I'm getting a little vain about it. :P It all balances out the fact that my grandparents think I'm nuts for coloring it and cutting it so short. :P

2. I'm going with the girls to Yosemite tomorrow! \o/ So excited. I hope I don't turn into a melonsicle. T_T Four and a half day weekend, because the three of us are about ready to crack due to long-term rl insanity. >.< Will attempt to work on fic on the drive. :P

3. 10/10 on my chapter 2 stats quiz! \o/

4. New Arashi fic and flail on my flist. Fandom is so awesome. ♥

How are you lovelies doing? *flops over*
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Oops, got caught up with stuff yesterday, so juuuuust squeaking by tonight.

Tuesday was loooong. Full of moving boxes around. >.< My happy thing was coming home in the evening, and watching Arashi attempt to pop boob balloons and the last couple episodes of Skip Beat! with my brother. <3 And then I ended up staying up waaaay too late reading Kitchen Confidential in my room. I really need to do a book review post.

Today's happy thing was going to drop lab stuff off at another store and seeing a coworker who'd been transferred there and getting to chitchat with the ladies at that store. ^___^

Also! I had a study group meeting with some folks from my online statistics course, and between 8:45pm and 11:15pm we hammered out the first lab, which isn't actually due until the 30th. \o/ Statistics is going to kick my ass, but I'm going to work my ass off first to get it down. *firm nod*

Now, I'm dead tired. So I'm going to see if there are any updates over at [livejournal.com profile] arashiroadtrip and then I'm going to bed. Love to all you darlings out there. <3
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Ehehehe, I stayed up too late last night. -_-

But for today, I went out to dimsum with my mom, aunt, uncle and grandma to celebrate my aunt and uncle passing their citizenship test. \o/ So some time in....May? June? will be the swearing in ceremony. I love going out with them because my aunt and uncle are truly partners, and they're both pretty sharp. Uncle loves the puns, and he manages them in Cantonese, and plays with how certain English and Cantonese words sound similar. My current favorite is how their class explained how to remember the name of the current President: It's their parents! Their "Ah ba ma" is Obama. *giggles*

Happy thing two: hanging about with the Lunch Bunch. Being lazy together in the same space, Husband watching a kdrama on Queen's computer, Fred passed out on the bed, and the Queen and I curled up reading different books and cross-commenting and having random conversations. I'm borrowing the Queen's copy of Kitchen Confidential, and I am hooked. I love behind-the-scenes type books and television programs. If Japan ever gave us a show showing what all the producers, ADs, etc. do in the background of Arashi shows, I would be v.v. happy. :P

Happy thing three: maybe this makes me vain, but Husband really liked my new haircut. ^_____^ She wants me to have this style for her wedding, haha.

I'm plotting out that junior high!girlfriends!Arashi fic. >.> I think I may work on it properly when I go to Yosemite with the girls this weekend.

♥ So how are all you lovelies doing?
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[livejournal.com profile] ontherainbow [livejournal.com profile] ontherainbow[livejournal.com profile] ontherainbow

The best comm joining decision I've ever made, and there's only two posts on the comm so far. :D
A place to discuss lgbt/queer issues in the context of Johnny's Entertainment (my jpop boyband included), and so far there is amazing discussion. Sparklies and intelligent, well-thought out comments, and I'm excited about possible posts to come. Genderswap in fanfiction, attitudes towards RPS, gender and sexuality performance...*gleefully geeks out*

[livejournal.com profile] waxrose, ILU FOR STARTING THIS COMM. ♥
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Yay for finally getting inspiration again, I was worried I wouldn't be able to finish the prompt for [livejournal.com profile] kegom who commented on a fic meme ages and ages ago. ^^;; For the interested, it's Sho/Ohno/Jun, prompt 'sleepy', over here. :D

...seeking suggestions. I'd originally created the writing comm just to keep that separate from my fandom and offline meanderings and make it easy to keep track of stuff. Would y'all want me to post here like a notification whenever I post there?

also: anyone any good at wireless internet? We've got one comp downstairs connected by wire to the internets and the router, and two upstairs using wireless. Every time someone calls in on the landline (not calling out though) the wireless drops out entirely. And when someone's using the downstairs computer, a lot of the time the connection upstairs slows to a crawl. Cue massive amounts of frustration from my brother trying to download anything upstairs. Suggestions?
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So I was reading the [livejournal.com profile] je_secrets comm, and the comments because I am masochistic perhaps, it's interesting to see the kind of wankery that people get up to.

And I realized, I am That Kind of Fan. That got into Arashi because of the music.

Yeah, you heard me. XDDD )

Whew, that was long! ^_^;;; So I'm curious. Which are your favorite Arashi songs, and why? I still haven't worked my way through all of Arashi's discography, I think, though I downloaded a lot back when arashianfiles was still up. Discuss! :D
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So I'm rewatching the Music Lover's performance that Arashi was on last summer before 24-hr TV, and at the beginning of Oh Yeah!, you know where they list the title and who writes the lyrics and music. The lyrics are written by UNITe, who I remember wrote for several of other songs they've done. Am I the last person to notice that the music was written by オーノカズナリ? That's reads Oono Kazunari in romanji.

Is this the underground way that Arashi writes their own songs or something?
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See, I hear that and I think of "Brand New World", which is one of my favorite openings for the One Piece anime. :D

Squee and flail time! :D! )

P.S. So Arashi and DBSK on Music Station. Who else is excited? :D
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1) Okay, after...five years, I've finally updated my journal theme from the watermelon theme I chose when I first created this account. XDDDD Also added links to posts of interest, for folks looking for the Taiwan trip to see Arashi, or my smashed thumb tales *waves to [livejournal.com profile] 2dong2woon*

[livejournal.com profile] rhythmia [livejournal.com profile] rhythmia [livejournal.com profile] rhythmia

2) And I went through my journal and pulled out stuff, (ehehe, the impetus for this was my [livejournal.com profile] fivesomeaday fic), and created a fanworks comm for myself. So One Piece (the first and only fandom so far to get me to do fanart) and Arashi (first and only fandom so far to get me to write fanfic) have entries there. [livejournal.com profile] loonyfruit! ^___^

3) It is raining. Please let it rain more, droughts are no fun. Though sideways rain is a bit scary. o.o

4) DBSK on SMAP X SMAP is seriously hilarious. Also it's crazy how I can understand maybe 80-85% of the dialogue and maybe 90% of what's actually happening. Rather excited about Music Station with Arashi and DBSK on at the same time. Come on, fandom!
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Preview and animation with Sho here!

* The kirakira sparkly intro LOL FOREVER

* So. Nino's transformation sequence. LOL FOREVER (I'm thinking either Card Captor Sakura or Sailor Moon. Your thoughts? Or..pffft Tuxedo Mask, if you check out the tail end of that clip)

* That anchor(?) Hattori-san who interviewed Sho (and I assume works with him on Zero) is such an Arashi-fanboy, he called them all by their nicknames. XDDDDD And was so flaily about their weaponry and Ohno's lack thereof. And subsequent kickassness. XDDDD

* Why are all the news folks giggling at Aiba being Otasukeman? The fringe on his outfit? :P

* The animators really captured their characters. I like how in one scene flash, the five of them are riding in a mecha and Aiba's in costume, and has this huuuuuge grin on his face. :D

That is all. I hope some kind soul shares when this PV is released, since I understand it's only going to be available on a cell phone website and not released the way the live-action version will be. That one is also pretty. And their outfits aren't completely on the far edge of JE WTF, I'm pleasantly surprised. Though perhaps I should be more sad at how JE has ruined all sense of fashion and taste that I may cling to. >.> [livejournal.com profile] flange5, I'm eager for your thoughts. :D
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You guys. You guuuuuuuuyys. T_Tb

Folks, I'm crying here. Do not be drinking or eating, this is an absolute must when watching. XDDD

Star Wars as told by someone who's never watched it, the animations are what makes it.
Watch it here!

Star Wars as told by a three year old, here!

Total confession time here: the suite I lived in junior year of college were absolutely horrified to learn that I had never really watched Star Wars, and sought to remedy that, with limited success. I think [livejournal.com profile] commodoremarie is still kind of horrified. XD I only really get references to the first/fourth movie because I've seen bits and pieces repeatedly. I still have no idea what really happened in other two (the Empire Strikes back? I can't remember any titles) other than there is a snow planet and there are Ewoks, but the two do not coexist. And I think there's incest. I know just enough to find this all hilarious, anyway.

Also Arashi's Believe single is oddly addicting. I think it's the three bajillion catchy melody lines all running around in it.


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