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Via acentric @ tumblr:

What I picture when people say "I don't swing that way":

So, the heterosexuals are on the swingset, swinging back and forth like most people do.

And then there are the homosexuals swinging, like, side to side or something.

The bisexuals are sort of alternating between the two, and the pansexuals are just twisting their swing up in a knot and crashing into everyone like “fuck the police i do what i want”

And then the asexuals are just chilling out in the sandbox all alone, like: HEY GUISE, LOOK AT THE CASTLE I MADE GUISE, LOOK GUISE IT HAS A MOTE. GUISE. LOOK.

Ahahaha best analogy ever y/y? XDD I'll be over here in the sandbox, going, "Dude, swings are cool but hey, lookit my awesome artsy fartsy sand castle, it's got a turret and I found a cool leaf for the flag and there's a moat, c'mon guys come play with me!"

Brb crying with laughter XDDD
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Still alive, will update on RL stuff eventually.

I just had to rec this fic: Leading with my heart by [livejournal.com profile] acidpop25.
Inception fandom, Arthur/Eames, and hands down one of the best portrayals of an asexual character that I have ever seen in fic. It totally resonated with me, thus, reccing it!

Related: my delicious bookmarks page is where I keep links to all the lovely fic I've been reading. I need to go through my livejournal memories and input them and tag the heck out of them. >.>


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