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May. 21st, 2011 01:15 pm
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Just posting to say that I'm happy. I have the day off, going to visit Husband and her new baby, get some chores done.

Yesterday night I went to another Deaf Coffee social at Starbucks. I've been going almost monthly for the last couple of years, and usually when I meet people I just fingerspell my name, which begins with an H. You know how usually when you learn a foreign language, the teacher will give you a name in that language? I had a French name, my classmates got Chinese names (I already had one), and a Spanish name.

In Deaf culture, someone gives you a name sign. Usually it's based on some attribute (not always flattering), kinda like the way in some parts of Chinese and other cultures you'll get nicknames based on some attribute (Chubby Yuan, Little Yu, etc), or a guy I know called Tall John.

Anyway, for the last almost two years, I fingerspelled my name. I figured at some point, I'd meet enough people, and maybe a friend would give me one. So last night one of my friends introduced me to another Deaf friend of theirs, and he asked me what my name sign was when I introduced myself. I told him I didn't have one....and he gave me one! *dances* Haha my classmate dragged me out to show our teacher.

What is it? If you look up the way to fingerspell "H", it's with your index and middle fingers together, fingers held parallel to the ground, but the palm is oriented vertically (perpendicular to the ground). For my name sign, hold the H at the corner of my mouth, because apparently I have a dimple when I smile really big? Yeah. :D

Hope all is well with everyone~ what are you lovelies up to? ♥


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