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[livejournal.com profile] ontherainbow [livejournal.com profile] ontherainbow[livejournal.com profile] ontherainbow

The best comm joining decision I've ever made, and there's only two posts on the comm so far. :D
A place to discuss lgbt/queer issues in the context of Johnny's Entertainment (my jpop boyband included), and so far there is amazing discussion. Sparklies and intelligent, well-thought out comments, and I'm excited about possible posts to come. Genderswap in fanfiction, attitudes towards RPS, gender and sexuality performance...*gleefully geeks out*

[livejournal.com profile] waxrose, ILU FOR STARTING THIS COMM. ♥
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So I was reading the [livejournal.com profile] je_secrets comm, and the comments because I am masochistic perhaps, it's interesting to see the kind of wankery that people get up to.

And I realized, I am That Kind of Fan. That got into Arashi because of the music.

Yeah, you heard me. XDDD )

Whew, that was long! ^_^;;; So I'm curious. Which are your favorite Arashi songs, and why? I still haven't worked my way through all of Arashi's discography, I think, though I downloaded a lot back when arashianfiles was still up. Discuss! :D
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Okay, whether you're a big Arashi fan or not, you kind of need to watch this fanvid RIGHT NOW. *keels over*

A hint: set to "Be A Man" from the Mulan movie. :D

It's just....ah, it's so beautiful. Dorkery and awesome awesome comic timing and iofajroijag. Please, watch it and flail with me!
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So. *folds hands demurely in lap* This is a combination of [livejournal.com profile] waxrose's inspiration and my special brand of crazy in the head.

She wrote fic of Arashi as girls here, and I dunno, I just have this thing for genderswitching I think since I got so into it doing fanart for One Piece last year on that very topic.

In any case, I got inspired, and handwrote an entire story in about two and a half hours a couple nights ago. This fandom has got me crazy. I've commented more in this fandom than I ever have, I've done picspams, and now my very first fic ever. I haven't done creative writing like this since high school, except for the couple of sorry attempts at Nano during college. orz

The awesomely terrific [livejournal.com profile] waxrose looked it over for consistency and sanity (ha!) check ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Author: rhythmia orz
Fandom/pairing: Arashi RPF orz
Rating: PG for speculation on dangly bits
Wordcount: 1,763 words o.o'
Disclaimer: They belong to themselves, and larger portion to Johnny's & Associates. But since it's Girl!Arashi!AU I'm playing in a different sandbox anyway! :P
Author's note: Have looked over and spell-checked, but anything you notice will be great. ♥ Will accept all concrit~

Title: We'd Still Be Pretty Hot )
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This is sort of for my personal log (since my memory sucks sometimes) and for the amusement and edification of all bystanders watching this car wreck. XD Written sort of in flowchart/bulletpoint style, because I'm trying to wean myself from writing humongous endless paragraphs. :P Also a note: I'm not that stalkery, really! I'm just trying to be complete in my links, and to see if I can lure anyone of you darlings into my fandoms. XDDDDD

~*~ So I'm somewhere between a fandom butterfly and a fandom wolf; I'll change fandoms every so often but I'll keep them for a long time and go back to them from time to time. For my purposes, I'm tracing this as far back as when I got into Stargate: Atlantis fandom two and a half years ago (fall 2005) which I blame entirely on [livejournal.com profile] yaviasad. It's adventuring! In Space! With Pseudoscience and Gay Gay Subtext! That and the strong sense of Team feeling completely pulled me in.

~*~> And what do I do in a fandom? Search out the good fanfic, of course. The marvelous thing about SGA fandom is that writers and artists have flocked to it from lots of other fandoms, so there's almost a surfeit of riches in terms of amazing stuff to read, great art to giggle or sigh over, podfic, and so forth. In my bouncing around, I landed on the lj of [livejournal.com profile] thefourthvine, a hilarious person who recommends fics, fanvids, manga series, lots of things. Her recs are so fun (and funny) to read! About the middle post of this tag in July or August 2006 was at the top when I found her in September, which launched me into another fandom.

~*~> Hikaru no Go! ([livejournal.com profile] erjika will tell you that I'm always the last to get into a fandom, because when I found this one I remembered some of the art I'd seen as the header on her blog. About, oh, six or seven years ago. ^^;;; It's a series about a boy who is possessed by a thousand-year-old ghost so he can play Go, an ancient strategy game. But really, it's about how this boy Hikaru meets a Go-obsessed twelve-year-old named Akira, gets him as a rival, develops passion for something, and grows up. (It's neat the way this manga covers time, by the time it's over they're about sixteen/seventeen). There's heated rivalry! Silly ghosts! Angst! Did I mention rivalry to the point that they're practically married?

~*~> Through this fandom I found [livejournal.com profile] mousapelli, whose Hikaru no Go fic, among other fandoms, can be found here and also on her lj. You know how there are some authors whose writing you'll read no matter what, regardless of fandom, because their writing is just that good/entertaining/captivating/alive? From her HnG fic I started browsing her other stuff, and the top couple of posts on her lj include You Can't Help But Grow Hot, fic of Arashi + concert high. I had no idea who these people were, but the immediacy of the writing, the way they felt concrete and real, the nakamaship and team feeling all just pulled me in.

\/\/-> And here's where I take a little detourand I cut because it's already getting long and afoiajfljroagor )

~*~> So yes, that there's the path of my doom. These five guys are hilarious, dorky, really care about each other even (especially) when whacking each other for saying dumb/pervy/ridiculous things, smoking hot, and even though they're definitely not the most talented singers and dancers of the talent agency, for sure they've got a lot of heart. (And are very, very entertaining. XD)

Maybe if I'm bored I'll insert a helpful flowchart. ^_^ I hope you loves were entertained and possibly intrigued, but I'll settle for amused at my expense while I flail over boys dancing over rainbows. With sparkles and shiny.
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Well, actually, it's rather chilly in here even though it's sunny inside.
But what I mean is this performance of "Cool and Soul" by Arashi. They're a jpop group that I fell in love with because they're adorably dorky and idiotic and funny and full of TEAM/member-ai/nakamashippy goodness in their variety shows. But then I see them in concert (via youtube and downloads only, alas, perhaps someday I'll go to a live concert) and they are SMOKING HOT ALFJKOAIGJLARJOFALRJG;

My evidence!

The beginning is them talking about their new message, I think (not enough Japanese to pull out full complicated sentences) since this concert series is about the power of words. Lyrics and translations to the original version of this song/rap is here thanks to [livejournal.com profile] noesunexito. Just so you know "Arashi" means "storm" in Japanese, thus all the references to, well, wind and rain and storminess. :P

I just really really wanted to share this because it's intense and it's HOMG AWESOMESAUCE.


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