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I probably should put this in the other entry, but it's more of a two-day observation notes sort of thing mulling around in my head. ^_^

1) I find it fascinating how each of the boys interacts with fans. Ohno gives great fanservice, he looks for people, and his focus will be split more heavily in the "fans near him when he's walking" direction, and then when he's standing still singing he'll pay great attention to the fans way up in the stands. On Day 2 the fans in the front row of my section came right up against the center walkway, and as Ohno came down he bent and touched their hands. Hee, I was so happy for them. And I saw Ohno make several "reeling in fish motions at several fans, so cute.

- Aiba, Sho and Nino will wave and make contact with fans, but their focus seems to be more on the fans farther away, so there's more general waving but I've seen them do the pointing and peace-ing at fans. During one song transition it was a little quiet and the Korean fans behind me waved their uchiwa like mad at the far end stage and Aiba had turned around for a moment, saw them and grinned and waved at them before turning back to face the fans in the high stands.

- Matsujun really balances out a mix of both close and far attention, and he tends to wave and do little...not air kiss things, but the sorts of little motions that make the fans go nuts, haha. And he's the camwhore. XD

So all of them together really work well to interact with fans. They tried really hard second day to go around everywhere and still have member interaction, I only hope with my hollering and flailing and jumping around and grinning at them that I was able to communicate my appreciation of that. And my vast affection and support of them, haha.

I believe they left back for Japan this morning, I imagine Aiba was saying "zaijian" (goodbye, but with the literal meaning of 'see you again') to the xiaolongbao. I still can't believe between the five of them they ate nearly 300 xiaolongbao fjaorijaoga. At least now we know they're eating. ;_; Vegetables are another story, but hey, they're getting meat and they must be burning energy like crazy.

So no regrets at all, I had a blast and I would love to do it again. This was my first time seeing Arashi in concert (first time at a music concert that wasn't a classical music performance, in fact) and it was AMAZING. Arashi is really in their element performing at the concerts, and I wish them all the best as they go into their 10th year. ♥ (If I knew how to do multicolored hearts properly I totally would XD)
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*flails some more*

Three encores! And touching, omg the touching all over the place! *___*

Writing this tonight because in the morning I need to pack. XD In which I make new friends and scream and jump around a lot. )

Okay, done! To bed, and on the morrow I will pack, and mail off postcards, and possibly do a last bit of touring around since my flight doesn't leave until 11:30 at night, so perhaps a visit to the bakery museum is in order if it's open (so many places are open Tues-Sun), and to Ximending to use the last of my money if it's not. :P My mom had told me to spend all that I'd changed because it wouldn't be worth anything changed back. :P

*Looks at clock for entry finish time: aofaorijagar 2:05am* Okay dead. Still need to shower. Good night all. ♥


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