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+ Survived the CBEST test!
- Frustrated the hell out of myself because I did the second essay first, but wrote it on the sheet for the first essay. D: So I had to transcribe it to the proper sheet and erase the wrong part. Wasted about twenty minutes, so I didn't finish essay no. 1.

+ Made a new friend at the test!
- Because the officials who collected all our cell phones at the beginning couldn't find hers!
+ But it turned out later to have been in the wrong box. Phone recovered! I basically spent time lending her my phone so she could call her ride, and we swapped stories. She told me about being a teacher in Colombia and coming her, learning English, and testing to be a teacher here. I told her about trying to be a speech therapist.

+ Found a recipe for Amazing and Easy Lentils and Rice. It really was that easy. Used some frozen lamb stock I had in the freezer for flavor, garlic, onion and tomatoes, and it was delicious.
- (?) Mom said that everything in her bathroom smelled like it afterwards. :P
+ Food porn at Queen's house! Photographs to come! Poached pears, cake, and my lentils and rice, and wine/sparkling cider. All to try the burnt caramel sauce I bought when Queen and I went to the SF Farmer's Market at the Ferry Building. Guys? The term 'foodgasm' is utterly appropriate here.

- Work was so boring because of the rain. Pretty quiet.
---Murphy decided to liven things up. I'm not sure if I was klutzy, forgetful, or the machine just went haywire. We have a stack cutter for cutting edges off photographs. Very low-tech, a bar for holding the photos in place and a blade on a giant handle, like a giant cleaver. Usually I'll cut, then put the handle back to vertical where a little catch keeps it in place. This time as I was getting the cut photos out, the handle fell down. So I caught it -- blade-first on my fingers. UM, THE EASILY SQUICKED MAY WANT TO SKIP THIS PART WHICH SHALL BE BEHIND LJ-CUT )

+ Birthday dinner for my grandpa, turning 79! Uncle and aunt came in, there was cooking of delicious food like corn soup, steamed fish, eggplant, mushrooms galore, and more tasty veggies than you can shake a stick at. :D And awesome cake from my aunt's friend's bakery in Chinatown, spongecake with fruit and this awesome light frosting, not heavy like buttercream (I can't stand American desserts because of the heavy frosting).

+ Bro showed me this hilarious video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JruqUIjl5Sw
The Muppets doing Bohemian Rhapsody. You have not lived until you've seen this.

Okay, long enough! Hope all you darlings are doing wonderfully! ♥
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So, I went to the doctor today. Skip if you don't like TMI.

Finally got to see an ear, nose and throat doc today, since I've been shunted around various general practitioners for a while, since I didn't think what I had was that serious, though mum thought so. So a history: was sick since about March, after the PSICA concert, which involved much coughing and hacking that made me sound like I was dying and made people ask if I had SARS. *thwaps* So not funny. Anyway, the sick bit eventually went away, but the soreness of throat didn't. Baxter doctor gave me an inhaler that would theoretically make it so I wouldn't cough as much. I coughed *more* and stopped using it. Throat stayed ick. Visited a doctor back home, who suggested I take Robitussin DM to stop the coughing, which I *wasn't* *doing*, but my throat was still sore. Switched and tried again a couple weeks ago, this one gave me a referral and another inhaler and a post-nasal drip medicine. Yah, that's no good.

Today, the specialist. yay! Sprayed stuff in my nose to 1) make the nasal passages open wider and 2) numb the area and the throat. The first tasted yuck when it dripped down to my mouth, the second felt like when I inhaled orange juice once. Yeah. Once it kicked in, it felt so weird, since I couldn't feel myself swallow. Had to drink water in small sips so it wouldn't go down the wrong way. ^^ He came back and wheeled in this machine that has a long tube with a light and a camera in it, like when my mum got her stomach and esophagus looked at.

So he stuck the tube up my nose and down and around, to look at my throat and vocal passages. Felt really strange when he had me go "Hee" so it could get by my epiglottis, i bet. That's what it felt like, anyway.

Turns out I have an ulcer near my voice box. At first he said it was like a cold sore, and my reaction was "Whaaaat?! It's like a cold sore? It can COME BACK?!!" But he reassured me it was a result of trauma, not disease, heh. So, the doctor's orders? I can stop taking the medicines that aren't helping me at all, making things worse actually, and complete vocal rest for two weeks. No singing (alas) and as little talking as possible, since it stresses that area of my throat and vocal cords. yeah, I'm gonna have trouble, but I don't want to permanently kill my voice if it's gotten this bad. C'est la vie. Return checkup the day before I head back to school. ^^

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