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I think I'm on 6?

1. I am unreasonably amused by the reactions I'm getting from my hair still, since a lot of people I am colleagues with haven't seen it yet. XD So today when I was driving over to another store to drop off lab supplies, the manager there totally didn't recognize me. Then she said that she loved my new hair. *preens a little* haha, I'm getting a little vain about it. :P It all balances out the fact that my grandparents think I'm nuts for coloring it and cutting it so short. :P

2. I'm going with the girls to Yosemite tomorrow! \o/ So excited. I hope I don't turn into a melonsicle. T_T Four and a half day weekend, because the three of us are about ready to crack due to long-term rl insanity. >.< Will attempt to work on fic on the drive. :P

3. 10/10 on my chapter 2 stats quiz! \o/

4. New Arashi fic and flail on my flist. Fandom is so awesome. ♥

How are you lovelies doing? *flops over*
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Oops, got caught up with stuff yesterday, so juuuuust squeaking by tonight.

Tuesday was loooong. Full of moving boxes around. >.< My happy thing was coming home in the evening, and watching Arashi attempt to pop boob balloons and the last couple episodes of Skip Beat! with my brother. <3 And then I ended up staying up waaaay too late reading Kitchen Confidential in my room. I really need to do a book review post.

Today's happy thing was going to drop lab stuff off at another store and seeing a coworker who'd been transferred there and getting to chitchat with the ladies at that store. ^___^

Also! I had a study group meeting with some folks from my online statistics course, and between 8:45pm and 11:15pm we hammered out the first lab, which isn't actually due until the 30th. \o/ Statistics is going to kick my ass, but I'm going to work my ass off first to get it down. *firm nod*

Now, I'm dead tired. So I'm going to see if there are any updates over at [livejournal.com profile] arashiroadtrip and then I'm going to bed. Love to all you darlings out there. <3
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Ehehehe, I stayed up too late last night. -_-

But for today, I went out to dimsum with my mom, aunt, uncle and grandma to celebrate my aunt and uncle passing their citizenship test. \o/ So some time in....May? June? will be the swearing in ceremony. I love going out with them because my aunt and uncle are truly partners, and they're both pretty sharp. Uncle loves the puns, and he manages them in Cantonese, and plays with how certain English and Cantonese words sound similar. My current favorite is how their class explained how to remember the name of the current President: It's their parents! Their "Ah ba ma" is Obama. *giggles*

Happy thing two: hanging about with the Lunch Bunch. Being lazy together in the same space, Husband watching a kdrama on Queen's computer, Fred passed out on the bed, and the Queen and I curled up reading different books and cross-commenting and having random conversations. I'm borrowing the Queen's copy of Kitchen Confidential, and I am hooked. I love behind-the-scenes type books and television programs. If Japan ever gave us a show showing what all the producers, ADs, etc. do in the background of Arashi shows, I would be v.v. happy. :P

Happy thing three: maybe this makes me vain, but Husband really liked my new haircut. ^_____^ She wants me to have this style for her wedding, haha.

I'm plotting out that junior high!girlfriends!Arashi fic. >.> I think I may work on it properly when I go to Yosemite with the girls this weekend.

♥ So how are all you lovelies doing?
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Work was long because I got there early early to unpack shipment boxes (sooo many ugly golf ball webcams and toaster card readers >.<) but not quite as insane as yesterday. My work happy thing is I had several customers tell me that they loved coming to my store because everyone was so friendly and helpful compared to other stores, and that they would follow me to whichever store I ended up at (which I still don't know >.>)

Happy thing two is my friend invited me to see her perform in the San Jose State University production of The Vagina Monologues. I went with the Queen, and the show was pretty awesome. My...third time seeing a version of it, I think. Powerful, entertaining, uncomfortable, and the "My Vagina Was My Village" monologue about the systematic rape of Bosnian women as a warring tactic (such a clinical way to describe it, ugh) made me cry again. Yes, this is really a happy thing on balance, I promise. Thinky thoughts in another post.

Happy thing three is right now, I have chocolate that I indulged in the other day from Cost Plus. Mmmm, pomegranate dark chocolate. I'm not so much of a fan of milk chocolate, give me the bitter stuff, all the way. :D

Haha, [livejournal.com profile] solarwind, you got me to post semi-regular. Let's see if I can keep it up! ^_^
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It's Friday! -_-

I've been tagged by the lovely [livejournal.com profile] solarwind, to post each day with a happy thing, however small.

Work today was insane. Seriously. I didn't get to each lunch until 4:45 because customers never stopped coming in. I got there at 9:30 this morning.

Happy thing! My coworker bought me snacks to eat! ♥ Edamame, popcorn, and mini-meringues from Trader Joe's, and then put them out in hopes that I could swing back and munch in between customers. It sort of worked. :p

Happy thing 2! My friend texted me back; I have tickets to the SJSU production of Vagina Monologues this Saturday! \o/

Also my online statistics course quiz 1 was amazingly easy. \o/ Probably because I ingested the lesson in every way possible, from text, video, online lesson. :P

Okay, to bed for me. I need to get to work crazy early to get through work before customers start coming in and making it impossible. >.>

♥ to all you lovelies. One day when I can brain again I'll post about books I'm reading.


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