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In the immortal words of Granny Weatherwax. She is badass.

I'm....totally not in the mood to update about my life. Ehehehe. But instead, to have some useful content, I would like to direct everyone over to [livejournal.com profile] jerainbowbridge which just had an exchange. Basically a lot of inter-group unity and hijinks going on. Even if you don't know half the groups involved, that's okay, treat them like original characters. :D Because the talent over there is phenomenal, please go read!

My current favorites, working backwards:
Secret Places: Ohkura/Junno/Kame. Mmm, a definite curl-up-with-hot-tea-and-a-blanket story. Gorgeously lyrical writing.

How to Win Friends and Influence People: Yoko, Aiba, Nino, Koyama, Junno, Toma. Totally adorable friendship fic. Nino and Junno are my favorites in this, I think. ♥

eleven, uneven (perfect): Arashi and NewS office AU. At times silly, poignant, and revealing, this author clearly had a lot of fun putting different matchups together. Plus I am a sucker for office AUs.

Thin Line Between Work and Friendship: Toma/Yamapi, Yamapi-Jin-Ryo friendship. AU with Yamapi as a rent-a-friend. This was a lot sweeter than I expected from the premise. Yamapi's friends are not helpful. Except when they are. XDDD

Accidentally in Love ~or~ Five Times Jun Noticed Massu: Jun/Massu, Arashi, NewS. Guh, this is such an unexpected pairing, but pulled off convincingly, with neither party being unduly angsty or stupid. Koyama, Shige, Aiba and Sho kind of steal the show. XDDD So adorable.

Per Ardua, Ad Astra: NEWS, KAT-TUN, Arashi, Takki&Tsubasa, Toma & some other juniors, Hey!Say!JUMP cameo, Maki/Meisa cameos, ONE OK ROCK, Charlotte, Vistlip, SID (copied from the page because holy cow a lot of people. Okay, this one is epic. Cowboy Bebop or Firefly kind of epic. 4 parts epic. Hit all my space adventure kinks, though there's a bit of explanatory wordiness in lots of areas where Anon-san explains some of the physics or military stuff or technical what have you, it's not more than what you'd find in the average military space sci-fi novel. (Ahaha anyone who reads David Weber knows what I mean. XDDD) NewS and KAT-TUN as space traders of awesome. Two words: the ship's name is One Piece. XDDD

Never Compete with the Elephant in Defecating: Ryo, Junno, Shige, Kame, Koyama, Jin, Yamapi, Ueda, and Kinki Kids, with appearances by or mentions of other News and KAT-TUN members, Arashi, Tackey & Tsubasa, Toma, and select members of TOKIO and SMAP. Immigration office AU! Yeah, the title kind of threw me off at first, but don't let that stop you! Incredibly hilarious AU. Very strange people attempt to get past these officers and immigrate into JE-land.

Japanese Whispers: Mentions of practically every band pre-2006. The Johnny's Gossip Network plays Telephone. You'll want to be sure you don't have any food or drink in hand when you read this. :|b

shaka lacka boom boom
(alternative title: the one in which Arashi are evil robots programmed to take over the world)
: Kanjani8, Arashi, KAT-TUN, NewS; (Aiba/Toma, Nino/Kame, Koki/Shige, MatsuJun/Koyama, and if you squint, some Pin). Yeah, that title says it all, maybe. XD AU in which Hina and Yoko are mad scientists. This is the good crack, for serious. Also one to avoid drinking while reading. XDD

Lotsa good stuff. ^____^b Please feed the authors, I have to get my act together and comment on the stuff that came out earlier in the challenge posting. Definitely going to have to do some stalking after reveals are up.
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First things first: I've been reading various people's concert reports, especially ones by people who've been to Johnny's and non-Johnny's concerts in Japan. And it occurs to me that Johnny's concerts are as much about the spectacle (more, probably :P) as about the music. It makes me think of the days of the Roman empire, and the 'bread and circuses' to keep the masses entertained so they wouldn't get restless and revolt against the emperor.

Only now instead of gladiators and blood, we have pretty boys and sparkles.

That's your thought for the day. :D

Second things second: I've been sitting on this fic for a little while. It's been through beta, so technically it's all right, but I still feel like it's missing something. I'm sloooooowly putting together more parts in my head, but it hasn't made it onto paper yet. So I'm just going to put it out there for now, any thoughts you lovelies have would be awesome.

Title: Girlfriends (School's Not Just For Booklearning)
Fandom: Arashi
Pairings: Gen
Length: Currently approx 2500 words
Summary: On the occasion of [livejournal.com profile] beckerbell’s birthday. ♥ The idea sprung out from a chance comment [livejournal.com profile] still_ciircee made in her journal about wanting to see Nino and Jun as junior high school girlfriends. So…junior high school girl!Arashi AU. There's your warning! Also fulfilling the April (yes, late I know) [livejournal.com profile] kotobayori random word generated fic prompt. My words were: person, transport, tragic, hooey, and foremost.

Notes: Incredible amounts of love and sparkles to [livejournal.com profile] kegom and [livejournal.com profile] waxrose for their input and suggestions and improvements. ♥ Mistakes are still all mine.

Fake cut! In which beginnings…begin, introductions pile up, and don’t believe Kazuko about the microwaves.
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[livejournal.com profile] ontherainbow [livejournal.com profile] ontherainbow[livejournal.com profile] ontherainbow

The best comm joining decision I've ever made, and there's only two posts on the comm so far. :D
A place to discuss lgbt/queer issues in the context of Johnny's Entertainment (my jpop boyband included), and so far there is amazing discussion. Sparklies and intelligent, well-thought out comments, and I'm excited about possible posts to come. Genderswap in fanfiction, attitudes towards RPS, gender and sexuality performance...*gleefully geeks out*

[livejournal.com profile] waxrose, ILU FOR STARTING THIS COMM. ♥
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In bullets, because I'm scattered like that.

1) Went to the dentist last Thursday, finally making use of the dental coverage. Found out that I had three cavities, one of them in my upper left wisdom tooth. Which I had thought was sprouting extra bits of tooth since December. Had it pulled, and what do you know-- it was. I have mutant wisdom teeth! Will scan and post at some point. :P

2) That dental office was cooool. The xray thing? Wasn't actually bits of xray film stuck in my mouth. It was a sensor, and the dentist showed me my teeth on the laptop immediately afterwards. So cool.

3) My brother is graduating his special needs post-graduate program next week. Yay! We went to the dinner-dance thing tonight. Tasty catered food, actually (I declare it's better than some of the weird catered stuff I've had at Scripps when it was trying to be swanky).

4) Re: his graduation, he invited me to go to Great America with him this past Tuesday. It was fun, though for various reasons I ended up going back alone to meet up with his classmates and teacher for a while. Ahhh, it was fun, even though I went on most of the rides by myself. The rollercoasters were such a rush! And since it was in the middle of the week, despite all the busloads of schoolkids, it was relatively sparsely populated. Short lines at nearly everything, though the Rapids ride was a 20-minute wait and disappointingly tame. Vertigo yay! Flight Deck yay! Psycho Mouse yay! (I love that feeling of almost going over the edge, haha) No spinny rides for me though. @_@

I want to go back at some point with friends, I think. ^_^

5) Work is...interesting. I'm being challenged every day, learning how to manage and motivate people. It's been a rocky ride, that's for sure. I screw up a whole lot, and I'm hoping like hell I'm learning fast enough to keep up. ^^;;; But I have really sweet customers, not nearly the number of spoiled picky people as in LG, but a few crazies and a few odd folks with entitlement complexes, but you get that everywhere.

6) Today marks my 1 year anniversary in Arashi/JE fandom. \o/ I kinda can't believe it. It's the longest I've been continuously in one fandom, because usually I'll be in one for five or six months at most neck deep and reading fic and downloading canon like crazy, and then it'll taper off. Then again, all my previous fandoms have been manga, anime, books and TV shows. With a fandom like Arashi, where 'canon' is continuously being produced and shared, well. :P I blame it all on [livejournal.com profile] mousapelli. :D :D :D

7) All my best to you loves. ♥ Even if I suck at commenting or otherwise keeping in touch, know that you're in my thoughts and I wish you well.
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I've survived my first week as manager! I've scheduled myself the day off Sunday! \o/

And all in all, not horrible. Narrowly averted a personnel crisis, spent the first three days trying to figure out why our printer was leaving scratches on photographs (and solved it, I hope *crosses fingers*), was up to my elbows in processor racks cleaning them out in the course of solving the above problem, sold a couple little cameras (>.<) and delegated training of new folks to the veteran personnel. I'm alive. *flop*

To steal a line from [livejournal.com profile] mousapelli, I think, it's kinda hard to rebel against The Man when you are The Man. It sucks. I was forcibly reminded of that my first two days. My brain is a crazy, twisty place, in that I've spent a fair amount of time being anti-corporate America, and cognizant of the fact that capitalism and the continued health and welfare of human beings are two relatively mutually exclusive concepts. And yet, and yet, as soon as I became a manager, I kinda forgot that. Somebody needs to kick my hard in the pants. A lot. I owe a lot to my mom for helping me figure things things out the first night I came back, so that I wouldn't do anything irreparably stupid.

So yes. People, please tell me when I am being corporately stupid. :\

And below the cut, I shall meander on about fandom ^_^ )

Love to everybody, hope you're doing well, since I'm bad at keeping in touch. If you made it through all that tl;dr since I'm in the habit of talking a lot, hats off to you! :P
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This is sort of for my personal log (since my memory sucks sometimes) and for the amusement and edification of all bystanders watching this car wreck. XD Written sort of in flowchart/bulletpoint style, because I'm trying to wean myself from writing humongous endless paragraphs. :P Also a note: I'm not that stalkery, really! I'm just trying to be complete in my links, and to see if I can lure anyone of you darlings into my fandoms. XDDDDD

~*~ So I'm somewhere between a fandom butterfly and a fandom wolf; I'll change fandoms every so often but I'll keep them for a long time and go back to them from time to time. For my purposes, I'm tracing this as far back as when I got into Stargate: Atlantis fandom two and a half years ago (fall 2005) which I blame entirely on [livejournal.com profile] yaviasad. It's adventuring! In Space! With Pseudoscience and Gay Gay Subtext! That and the strong sense of Team feeling completely pulled me in.

~*~> And what do I do in a fandom? Search out the good fanfic, of course. The marvelous thing about SGA fandom is that writers and artists have flocked to it from lots of other fandoms, so there's almost a surfeit of riches in terms of amazing stuff to read, great art to giggle or sigh over, podfic, and so forth. In my bouncing around, I landed on the lj of [livejournal.com profile] thefourthvine, a hilarious person who recommends fics, fanvids, manga series, lots of things. Her recs are so fun (and funny) to read! About the middle post of this tag in July or August 2006 was at the top when I found her in September, which launched me into another fandom.

~*~> Hikaru no Go! ([livejournal.com profile] erjika will tell you that I'm always the last to get into a fandom, because when I found this one I remembered some of the art I'd seen as the header on her blog. About, oh, six or seven years ago. ^^;;; It's a series about a boy who is possessed by a thousand-year-old ghost so he can play Go, an ancient strategy game. But really, it's about how this boy Hikaru meets a Go-obsessed twelve-year-old named Akira, gets him as a rival, develops passion for something, and grows up. (It's neat the way this manga covers time, by the time it's over they're about sixteen/seventeen). There's heated rivalry! Silly ghosts! Angst! Did I mention rivalry to the point that they're practically married?

~*~> Through this fandom I found [livejournal.com profile] mousapelli, whose Hikaru no Go fic, among other fandoms, can be found here and also on her lj. You know how there are some authors whose writing you'll read no matter what, regardless of fandom, because their writing is just that good/entertaining/captivating/alive? From her HnG fic I started browsing her other stuff, and the top couple of posts on her lj include You Can't Help But Grow Hot, fic of Arashi + concert high. I had no idea who these people were, but the immediacy of the writing, the way they felt concrete and real, the nakamaship and team feeling all just pulled me in.

\/\/-> And here's where I take a little detourand I cut because it's already getting long and afoiajfljroagor )

~*~> So yes, that there's the path of my doom. These five guys are hilarious, dorky, really care about each other even (especially) when whacking each other for saying dumb/pervy/ridiculous things, smoking hot, and even though they're definitely not the most talented singers and dancers of the talent agency, for sure they've got a lot of heart. (And are very, very entertaining. XD)

Maybe if I'm bored I'll insert a helpful flowchart. ^_^ I hope you loves were entertained and possibly intrigued, but I'll settle for amused at my expense while I flail over boys dancing over rainbows. With sparkles and shiny.
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So a bunch of folks I stalk follow on lj have been visiting a "who's your favorite Johnny's Entertainment performer" ranking page. No surprise that I'm the most indecisive because I like a bunch of them equally for their coolness/dorkery/retardery. XD Link here.

順位 名前
1 櫻井翔 Sakurai Sho (Arashi)
1 松本潤 Matsumoto Jun (Arashi)
1 大野智 Ohno Satoshi (Arashi)
1 二宮和也 Ninomiya Kazunari (Arashi)
1 相葉雅紀 Aiba Masaki (Arashi)
1 長瀬智也 Nagase Tomoya (TOKIO)
1 松岡昌宏 Matsuoka Masahiro (TOKIO)
1 山口達也 Yamaguchi Tatsuya (TOKIO)
9 国分太一 Kokubun Taichi (TOKIO)
9 城島茂 Joshima Shigera aka Leader (TOKIO)
9 坂本昌行 Sakamoto Masayuki (V6)
12 岡田准一 Okada Junichi (V6)
12 井ノ原快彦 Inohara Yoshihiko (V6)
12 長野博 Nagano Hiroshi (V6)

So much for having a single ichiban. ^^;;;


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