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I will never get back the last 1 hour and 40 minutes I spent watching The Hangover, so I figured I will relieve my feelings and at the same time write about things that give me joy. ^^;;;

Let the Right One In )

Trainman (Densha Otoko 電車男) )

The Hangover )

Yes, so I am alive! The movies I did recommend are worth spending a little time on, I think, and I am going hunting for the Densha Otoko novel once I have time to go to the library. At some point I will do a post about my trip to China for my cousin's wedding, and have pictures. Here's hoping that will actually be before New Year's, haha. Love to all you darlings! ♥
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*takes deep breath* SQUEEEEEEEEEEE!

No spoilers, just much love. So much love. Mal! and Kaylee! and River! and everybody! The snark is not dead!

I went out with Priya, Meagan, Adele, Esteban, Erik, cool new frosh Rachel, and a host of other mudders like Meghan, Mark and Audy. And even more Mudders were there, and the suite came! Had dinner at Applebee's which was pretty tasty. Then right over to the theater, and ours was pretty much taken over by Claremont folks i think. while we were waiting they bloody played each ad twice. In a row. Such horrible ads too! But then they finally got to the previews, yay! Perfectly tailored to the geek audience: The Chronicles of Narnia, HP Goblet of Fire...^_^

Whooo. who needs horror films and suspense and such when you've got Serenity? I spent a great deal of it clutching Esteban, haha. The suspense and OMGWTFBBQReaversandthatguyfromthelastepisodeofFireflywahhhh, very well played. The snark was also awesome, and of course the scriptwriting means there are some damn hilarious lines that shall be quoted forevermore, though not on this journal for a while yet. They definitely went places that nowadays the average moviegoer would not expect, or Hollywood wouldn't take 'em, and I applaud that. So much stuff! A zillion thumbs up!

you know what? I think I'm going to have to watch Serenity once (or twice, or thrice, or...) more just to get all the nuance and good stuff out of it.
And this is the first film I've said that for, I think. Who's up for a student matinee?


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