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Fic bunnies and links to fulfilled fics )
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Via acentric @ tumblr:

What I picture when people say "I don't swing that way":

So, the heterosexuals are on the swingset, swinging back and forth like most people do.

And then there are the homosexuals swinging, like, side to side or something.

The bisexuals are sort of alternating between the two, and the pansexuals are just twisting their swing up in a knot and crashing into everyone like “fuck the police i do what i want”

And then the asexuals are just chilling out in the sandbox all alone, like: HEY GUISE, LOOK AT THE CASTLE I MADE GUISE, LOOK GUISE IT HAS A MOTE. GUISE. LOOK.

Ahahaha best analogy ever y/y? XDD I'll be over here in the sandbox, going, "Dude, swings are cool but hey, lookit my awesome artsy fartsy sand castle, it's got a turret and I found a cool leaf for the flag and there's a moat, c'mon guys come play with me!"

Brb crying with laughter XDDD
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I am totally a 12-year-old, endlessly fascinated with things like mutant teeth and getting stitches. So this is totally cut for the easily squicked, and to spare erjika's sensibilities :D )

I just think it's so cool. And I get the BEST stories from customers about their sliced finger adventures. The gal at the bank told me a story when I was making a deposit. XD

Thing 2: http://www.strindbergandhelium.com.
My freshman year of college, my awesome roommate and I randomly surfed to the Sundance film festival page, and watched a bunch of animated shorts. This set of entries changed our lives. In the sense that I have spread it like a virus among my school friends and it continues to inform our conversations to this day. :D And after 8 years, there will be more!

...I pride myself on my Helium voice. :DDDDDD

Thing 3: @[livejournal.com profile] erjika: BALLS. :3

Thing 4: Going to the Lawrence Hall of Science in Berkeley tomorrow! Deaf event for ASL class, and first time going to that museum. Awesomeness.

Thing 5: Hope all you lovelies are doing well. ♥
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So I was at the main house watching the Golden Horse Awards (it's a Chinese movie awards show with entries from mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc.) and my mom was reading the local Chinese language weekly. She turns the page to the entertainment section, and the first thing I see is this: )
I just wanted to share, because it amused me.

P.S. I don't do holiday cards. However! I have really cute holiday stamps from the post office! So if anyone would like me to write them a letter filled with silly sketches, because snail mail is fun, PM me with your address and maybe I'll have something out by New Year. :D Love to all, hope you're doing well.

book flail

Jun. 12th, 2009 11:41 pm
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Book Three of the Unicorn Chronicles. I don't even. I got Into the Land of the Unicorns from a library book sale, all beat up and old, when I was in middle school. Fell in love and waited on tenterhooks forever until I found Song of the Wanderer. Then was devastated to find out there wasn't more.

...I fail at the internets. I obsessively follow fic authors I like to see when/if they update their works. It hasn't occurred to me until now to follow book authors. orz

Hi. .///.

Hope you lovelies are doing well. Go check out my book meme in the previous post, I wanna see other peoples' lists!

Book meme

Jun. 11th, 2009 12:45 am
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Drank too much tea when I met with my statistics study group tonight. Borders does tea service! Yum, but I wasn't expecting the caffeine to affect me so much. ^^;;

Stolen from all over the internet, I'm sure, but most recently from the lovely [livejournal.com profile] nicocoer.

Don't take too long to think about it. List 15 books you've read that will always stick with you -- list the first 15 you can recall in 15 minutes. Don't take too long to think about it. Tag 15 friends (& while it is easy to tag more, part of the challenge is to think about which 15 friends would have the weirdest or most interesting book list), including me. If you don't want to play, no sweat. Feel free to go about your business. Here are mine, in no particular order (and these are just the 15 for today, at this moment):

Lots of sci-fi and fantasy and weird things below :D )
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First things first: I've been reading various people's concert reports, especially ones by people who've been to Johnny's and non-Johnny's concerts in Japan. And it occurs to me that Johnny's concerts are as much about the spectacle (more, probably :P) as about the music. It makes me think of the days of the Roman empire, and the 'bread and circuses' to keep the masses entertained so they wouldn't get restless and revolt against the emperor.

Only now instead of gladiators and blood, we have pretty boys and sparkles.

That's your thought for the day. :D

Second things second: I've been sitting on this fic for a little while. It's been through beta, so technically it's all right, but I still feel like it's missing something. I'm sloooooowly putting together more parts in my head, but it hasn't made it onto paper yet. So I'm just going to put it out there for now, any thoughts you lovelies have would be awesome.

Title: Girlfriends (School's Not Just For Booklearning)
Fandom: Arashi
Pairings: Gen
Length: Currently approx 2500 words
Summary: On the occasion of [livejournal.com profile] beckerbell’s birthday. ♥ The idea sprung out from a chance comment [livejournal.com profile] still_ciircee made in her journal about wanting to see Nino and Jun as junior high school girlfriends. So…junior high school girl!Arashi AU. There's your warning! Also fulfilling the April (yes, late I know) [livejournal.com profile] kotobayori random word generated fic prompt. My words were: person, transport, tragic, hooey, and foremost.

Notes: Incredible amounts of love and sparkles to [livejournal.com profile] kegom and [livejournal.com profile] waxrose for their input and suggestions and improvements. ♥ Mistakes are still all mine.

Fake cut! In which beginnings…begin, introductions pile up, and don’t believe Kazuko about the microwaves.
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So today was the last day of business at the store I manage. So tired. But I still had an art attack after re-reading [livejournal.com profile] waxrose's part 42 in [livejournal.com profile] arashiroadtrip.

Title: Puddlejumping
Fandom: Arashi
Rating: Holding hands under umbrellas
Media: Ink wash, color pencils, markers, micron pens

follow the fake-cut!

Nino rolls his eyes. "That's why I brought this," he answers, handing over a smaller, rainbow-striped umbrella. "Not that I wouldn't love to save you from the big, scary rainclouds, but Satoshi and I are going puddle-jumping, so I think you can find your own way back to the house."
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I was at the bookstore browsing and tachiyomi-ing after a study session, and decided to re-read the last volume of Hana Kimi. And partway through, there's an author's note. The mangaka writes that she was listening to Arashi's Pikanchi Double single all through the period she was working on this volume (2004) and there's a cute little drawing of a cd case labeled Iza, Now! :D

Mmm Hana-Kimi manga. So cute. Also read a cleaned up version of Skip Beat! volume 18, makes rather more sense than the scanned-straight-from-the-magazine scanlation. ^^
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[livejournal.com profile] ontherainbow [livejournal.com profile] ontherainbow[livejournal.com profile] ontherainbow

The best comm joining decision I've ever made, and there's only two posts on the comm so far. :D
A place to discuss lgbt/queer issues in the context of Johnny's Entertainment (my jpop boyband included), and so far there is amazing discussion. Sparklies and intelligent, well-thought out comments, and I'm excited about possible posts to come. Genderswap in fanfiction, attitudes towards RPS, gender and sexuality performance...*gleefully geeks out*

[livejournal.com profile] waxrose, ILU FOR STARTING THIS COMM. ♥
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So I was reading the [livejournal.com profile] je_secrets comm, and the comments because I am masochistic perhaps, it's interesting to see the kind of wankery that people get up to.

And I realized, I am That Kind of Fan. That got into Arashi because of the music.

Yeah, you heard me. XDDD )

Whew, that was long! ^_^;;; So I'm curious. Which are your favorite Arashi songs, and why? I still haven't worked my way through all of Arashi's discography, I think, though I downloaded a lot back when arashianfiles was still up. Discuss! :D
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One more day of retail madness, and then I hope it trickles off? Surprisingly, not more than a couple three bitchy spoiled customers this year. People have been amazingly polite, forbearing and patient as we do our best to not just clerk but provide service, while wrestling with the damn machines. ^^;;;

Happy holidays, whatever all y'all dearies celebrate. Love and peace to you all, even if I hardly ever talk with you (especially lately) you are in my thoughts.

I should be getting to bed, but I was updating thingies and perhaps tomorrow I'll actually respond to the build-up of comments in my inbox concerning topics I really want to discuss and/or flail about.

Anyhow, since I totally fail and completely forgot to link:

♥♥♥♥♥ [livejournal.com profile] waxrose

Please read that. She used my silly prompt and came up with something deliciously cracktastic and yet so, so telling about Jun-pon. Last one had tears rolling down my face, no lie. SEKRIT MESSAGE: YOU ARE WONDERFUL AND PLEASE DON'T EVER STOP. ♥

And now cut because the last couple days have been filled with no sleep, and yet my brain decides to pester me with ideas, so here's my brain spew. Please send help. A Preview: Brain: This fandom isn't a fandom until there is bodyswitch!fic! )
Me: -_- Someone needs to take this idea and run with it. Preferably not me because sleep is nice.
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I'm not cutting this because this is very important to me.

A couple years ago, my friend M introduced me to this amazing animated show called Avatar: The Last Airbender. I was visiting him, he showed me the first episode, and I ended up watching something like four or five episodes in a row before we went for dinner.

Why was I hooked? I was 22 years old at the time, and it was the first time I had ever seen an American cartoon that had dark-skinned characters opening the shot, where their skin color was just part of them and not something to be "A special teaching moment for the white kids", and they were hilarious kids who didn't get killed off. Katara and her brother Sokka had me in the first five minutes.

They were heroes, they coded as Eskimo/Inuit/some flavor of First Nations and their fantasy world drew me in. Aang is a young boy trapped in the ice, they rescue him, and I saw him and was all "jfaojra he's adorable and he looks like a monk-let!"

This was an amazing world with different cultures that I could see were based on East, South, Southeast Asian, Tibetan, First Nations and Native American Indian, and Pacific Islander cultures. I learned from the community that the (white) creators were dedicated to accurately portraying those parts they drew from, and they didn't exoticize them, and they didn't screw it up. *_* This was the characters' world and they lived in it and it wasn't like anyone drawing attention to how cool and Asian it was. *__*

It was an animated show NOT, for once, based on Western/European aesthetics and cultures, and wasn't full of wince-worthy crappy kung fu wannabes. This had martial arts styles I (and my friend M) could actually recognize! :D

And then I learned the movie was coming out. Directed by M. Night Shyamalan. And here is what the initial casting (not final, I hope hope hope it's not final) looks like.


I just. I can't. This hurts so much to see. They whitewashed the leads. Completely. And it's like a slap to the face. It's already so rare to see people of color on screen, when a role calls for someone of "any race" it always seems to default to white. People of color get to be thugs, Magical Negroes or Mystical Asian/Indian Wise Man, the sidekicks, the token who gets killed off, the sexy native girl who snarks back and resists the Great White Hero but gets won over and falls in love with him anyway, etc. etc. And now this is a chance to have a full of cast of POC, with awesome roles that aren't stereotypical, for a smart show that has already won over kids and 'grownups' of every age, race and ethnicity.

I call bullshit. Complete bullshit on Hollywood, that you have to have a white face to sell to white audiences. First assuming that the only audience that matters is white, which makes me a nonentity, and then condescending to white people that they're so dumb that they won't watch anything with people that *gasp* don't look like them. Like I've been doing ALL MY LIFE.

You know what's really kind of a shock? Shyamalan is Indian, and he got interested in the project because his daughter wanted to dress up as Katara. Think of all the kids who love this show, who are people of color and get to see characters who look at least a little bit like them, and learn that Hollywood is saying, "No. You don't count, you don't matter."

Once the Christmas retail rush calms a little I'm going to be writing a letter as in the link below, believe you me. Please spread this around, it's not "just a kids show," it's about sending a message that we can't stand for this sort of institutional racism. It's going to be yellowface, people! Orientalism at it's finest!

Links with things to read here:
The Letter Writing Campaign!

Vejiicakes' post
Tablesaw's post
Rawles' post
Angry Asian Man's post
Angry Black Woman's post (faojra I love her writing)

Personal references during the bloghopping:

oyceter's post on films and tv: What These People Need is a Honky

Smillaraaq's post on Native American Indians portrayal in media

A possibly hopeful note from vagabond_sal
Clearinghouse of info at glockgal's place and also here
More links and reactions from jbramx2
Racefail bingo on deadbrowalking comm
Lemon Press's reactions and links
old, but an interview with the creators of Avatar
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So. *folds hands demurely in lap* This is a combination of [livejournal.com profile] waxrose's inspiration and my special brand of crazy in the head.

She wrote fic of Arashi as girls here, and I dunno, I just have this thing for genderswitching I think since I got so into it doing fanart for One Piece last year on that very topic.

In any case, I got inspired, and handwrote an entire story in about two and a half hours a couple nights ago. This fandom has got me crazy. I've commented more in this fandom than I ever have, I've done picspams, and now my very first fic ever. I haven't done creative writing like this since high school, except for the couple of sorry attempts at Nano during college. orz

The awesomely terrific [livejournal.com profile] waxrose looked it over for consistency and sanity (ha!) check ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Author: rhythmia orz
Fandom/pairing: Arashi RPF orz
Rating: PG for speculation on dangly bits
Wordcount: 1,763 words o.o'
Disclaimer: They belong to themselves, and larger portion to Johnny's & Associates. But since it's Girl!Arashi!AU I'm playing in a different sandbox anyway! :P
Author's note: Have looked over and spell-checked, but anything you notice will be great. ♥ Will accept all concrit~

Title: We'd Still Be Pretty Hot )
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*shakes head* I'm so, so easy. Also I never outgrew the mentality of a ten-year old boy, in that I still find mutant body parts, bugs and assorted other little-boy things very very shiny. XD

So I'm cutting, because below are fun photographs chronicling the results of my trip to the dentist, and also a progress report on the thumb I smashed back in January, just for the heck of it. :D :D :D If you get squicked out by such things, don't click. I warned you! :P )

ETA: So you know how I work in a camera/photofinishing store? So for three solid months (basically until the nail actually fell off) every time I worked at the counter somebody would notice and ask and then I'd get all kinds of awesome smashed nail stories. I would gleefully tell my 'story' to very nice people who'd either shiver and wince in sympathy or gleefully tell their own or their friends'/relatives' stories, haha. What's yours? :D

ETA 2: [livejournal.com profile] artemidora is awesome and linked me to a knitted fungus-infested nail, because she knows what I like. XDDDDD
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I've survived my first week as manager! I've scheduled myself the day off Sunday! \o/

And all in all, not horrible. Narrowly averted a personnel crisis, spent the first three days trying to figure out why our printer was leaving scratches on photographs (and solved it, I hope *crosses fingers*), was up to my elbows in processor racks cleaning them out in the course of solving the above problem, sold a couple little cameras (>.<) and delegated training of new folks to the veteran personnel. I'm alive. *flop*

To steal a line from [livejournal.com profile] mousapelli, I think, it's kinda hard to rebel against The Man when you are The Man. It sucks. I was forcibly reminded of that my first two days. My brain is a crazy, twisty place, in that I've spent a fair amount of time being anti-corporate America, and cognizant of the fact that capitalism and the continued health and welfare of human beings are two relatively mutually exclusive concepts. And yet, and yet, as soon as I became a manager, I kinda forgot that. Somebody needs to kick my hard in the pants. A lot. I owe a lot to my mom for helping me figure things things out the first night I came back, so that I wouldn't do anything irreparably stupid.

So yes. People, please tell me when I am being corporately stupid. :\

And below the cut, I shall meander on about fandom ^_^ )

Love to everybody, hope you're doing well, since I'm bad at keeping in touch. If you made it through all that tl;dr since I'm in the habit of talking a lot, hats off to you! :P
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I'm sure it says something about me (what, I leave up to you to decide) that even when I'm daydreaming, i.e. a situation where I can control what happens or where a story goes, I can't get a story to go porny. _-_

No, seriously. )
All of which only serves to reinforce my conclusion that I should leave the porn-writing to the fanficcers who can do it, heheheh. XD And also shows the world that I sure have some interesting issues. No surprise that while I like PWP stories, I get bored with that quickly and prefer plotty and/or character driven fics, and I'm more into gen, crack and not!quite!romances and nakama-shippy stories? XD


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