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I will never get back the last 1 hour and 40 minutes I spent watching The Hangover, so I figured I will relieve my feelings and at the same time write about things that give me joy. ^^;;;

Let the Right One In )

Trainman (Densha Otoko 電車男) )

The Hangover )

Yes, so I am alive! The movies I did recommend are worth spending a little time on, I think, and I am going hunting for the Densha Otoko novel once I have time to go to the library. At some point I will do a post about my trip to China for my cousin's wedding, and have pictures. Here's hoping that will actually be before New Year's, haha. Love to all you darlings! ♥
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I am totally a 12-year-old, endlessly fascinated with things like mutant teeth and getting stitches. So this is totally cut for the easily squicked, and to spare erjika's sensibilities :D )

I just think it's so cool. And I get the BEST stories from customers about their sliced finger adventures. The gal at the bank told me a story when I was making a deposit. XD

Thing 2: http://www.strindbergandhelium.com.
My freshman year of college, my awesome roommate and I randomly surfed to the Sundance film festival page, and watched a bunch of animated shorts. This set of entries changed our lives. In the sense that I have spread it like a virus among my school friends and it continues to inform our conversations to this day. :D And after 8 years, there will be more!

...I pride myself on my Helium voice. :DDDDDD

Thing 3: @[livejournal.com profile] erjika: BALLS. :3

Thing 4: Going to the Lawrence Hall of Science in Berkeley tomorrow! Deaf event for ASL class, and first time going to that museum. Awesomeness.

Thing 5: Hope all you lovelies are doing well. ♥
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+ Survived the CBEST test!
- Frustrated the hell out of myself because I did the second essay first, but wrote it on the sheet for the first essay. D: So I had to transcribe it to the proper sheet and erase the wrong part. Wasted about twenty minutes, so I didn't finish essay no. 1.

+ Made a new friend at the test!
- Because the officials who collected all our cell phones at the beginning couldn't find hers!
+ But it turned out later to have been in the wrong box. Phone recovered! I basically spent time lending her my phone so she could call her ride, and we swapped stories. She told me about being a teacher in Colombia and coming her, learning English, and testing to be a teacher here. I told her about trying to be a speech therapist.

+ Found a recipe for Amazing and Easy Lentils and Rice. It really was that easy. Used some frozen lamb stock I had in the freezer for flavor, garlic, onion and tomatoes, and it was delicious.
- (?) Mom said that everything in her bathroom smelled like it afterwards. :P
+ Food porn at Queen's house! Photographs to come! Poached pears, cake, and my lentils and rice, and wine/sparkling cider. All to try the burnt caramel sauce I bought when Queen and I went to the SF Farmer's Market at the Ferry Building. Guys? The term 'foodgasm' is utterly appropriate here.

- Work was so boring because of the rain. Pretty quiet.
---Murphy decided to liven things up. I'm not sure if I was klutzy, forgetful, or the machine just went haywire. We have a stack cutter for cutting edges off photographs. Very low-tech, a bar for holding the photos in place and a blade on a giant handle, like a giant cleaver. Usually I'll cut, then put the handle back to vertical where a little catch keeps it in place. This time as I was getting the cut photos out, the handle fell down. So I caught it -- blade-first on my fingers. UM, THE EASILY SQUICKED MAY WANT TO SKIP THIS PART WHICH SHALL BE BEHIND LJ-CUT )

+ Birthday dinner for my grandpa, turning 79! Uncle and aunt came in, there was cooking of delicious food like corn soup, steamed fish, eggplant, mushrooms galore, and more tasty veggies than you can shake a stick at. :D And awesome cake from my aunt's friend's bakery in Chinatown, spongecake with fruit and this awesome light frosting, not heavy like buttercream (I can't stand American desserts because of the heavy frosting).

+ Bro showed me this hilarious video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JruqUIjl5Sw
The Muppets doing Bohemian Rhapsody. You have not lived until you've seen this.

Okay, long enough! Hope all you darlings are doing wonderfully! ♥
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I'm posting this from my mom's computer, because last night my brother turned it on, and it went from Compaq to a black screen, whirr-clicked for a bit, and then this message: Operating system not found. /o\

It also puts up a message about Incorrect Drive A, enter setup, but I think that's some kind of SOS because it doesn't have another way to express itself, since I haven't changed the floppy drive in any way. Won't boot from the CD, so I'm searching for another way. I bought this steady computer back in 2003, and it's worked, slow and steady til now. At least all the data's on a secondary harddrive, so I just have to get access to it.

In other news, got to meet up with [livejournal.com profile] erjika and most of the Lunch Bunch for the first time in...seven months? And erjika's setting off for Hawaii for work (omg envious) tomorrow, and T's back to the Caribbean for med school next week. I missed them, all of us together is a whole nother plane of weirdness. I always swear I'm going to bring a voice recorder to our gatherings because there are always hilarious quotes. This time mostly about balls, like the AC/DC song. :D Mmmm, tasty food. :D :D :D

Anyway yeah, I'm going to be flying to Saint Paul, Minnesota tomorrow morning for [livejournal.com profile] amoraj's wedding, will be there until September 1, so if anyone's in the area and wants to hang? Or if anyone has drabble prompts for me to write on the plane? ^__^

Much love to all <3
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I was at the bookstore browsing and tachiyomi-ing after a study session, and decided to re-read the last volume of Hana Kimi. And partway through, there's an author's note. The mangaka writes that she was listening to Arashi's Pikanchi Double single all through the period she was working on this volume (2004) and there's a cute little drawing of a cd case labeled Iza, Now! :D

Mmm Hana-Kimi manga. So cute. Also read a cleaned up version of Skip Beat! volume 18, makes rather more sense than the scanned-straight-from-the-magazine scanlation. ^^
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spam spam spam. On hold because days 7 and 8 and beyond, I shall be in Yosemite. Back on Monday!

*blows kisses*
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It just looks like I am. :P Sorry, work has been sucking my energy lately so I have just enough to read entries. I will get to all those comments piling up in my inbox, I'm still thinking of good replies! ^^;;;

Tonight, [livejournal.com profile] calculusdude16 had a choir concert. Carmina Burana, delicious. C and I were both in choir together frosh year of college when we did Carmina Burana, and let me tell you, it's a different beast being part of the singing and getting to listen to it from the outside. ^___^ So awesome.

[livejournal.com profile] erjika, [livejournal.com profile] jimmysassypants and I drove down to watch it. Armed with knitting and too many snacks from my grandmother, heheh. My college choir played it really straight, this version was awesome and I hope they tape it and I can get my sticky little hands on it. Because they had supertitles (was dorkily squeeing about it) and the tenor they had singing the Roasted Swan song while they're all in taberna? *dies* The guy was dressed like a roasted swan. And acted it all out. The bass dragged him off the floor before sining his part, and the tenor was still twitching. XDDDD

Also, the supertitles reminded me of how....earthy this piece is. XDDD Springtime of youth! A boy and a girl in a room together! Giving up all the riches of the world to have the Queen of England in one's arms! Drinks for all!

I still get the "oh, oh oh, totus floreo! Iamamori virginali etc etc~ Novus novus novus amor est quo perdio! quo perdio! quo perdio!" part stuck in my head. And the final O Fortuna sent shivers down my spine. Mmmmm, I love this piece.
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Okay, I've got two more done! I may have time to make more, we shall see, depending on the ideas and translating abilities. :P

Shiny uchiwa faces underneath! )

And last thing! I'll be leaving for the airport on October 2 with my mom, who's going to China. Her flight's about noon, mine is about 5:30pm. And then the flight is about 11 hours or so? So I need something to do for that time! :D :D :D

Drabble prompts please! :D?

I've hit some serious writer's block on those two fics that I was working on. orz So anything character or pairing plus a prompt, Arashi fandom of course since that's all I feel vaguely confident in writing at the moment. No guarantees what I'll turn out with, or what length things will be. Have at it! ^_^
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Just a ponder. You know what would be really hot? If some show made Ohno Satoshi of Arashi and Yunho and/or Yoochun from DBSK dance at each other. And toss Stephanie from Cheon Sang Ji Hee in too. Bar nothing. *_*

...no, I don't know why I'm awake either.


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