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Jun. 12th, 2009 11:41 pm
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Book Three of the Unicorn Chronicles. I don't even. I got Into the Land of the Unicorns from a library book sale, all beat up and old, when I was in middle school. Fell in love and waited on tenterhooks forever until I found Song of the Wanderer. Then was devastated to find out there wasn't more.

...I fail at the internets. I obsessively follow fic authors I like to see when/if they update their works. It hasn't occurred to me until now to follow book authors. orz

Hi. .///.

Hope you lovelies are doing well. Go check out my book meme in the previous post, I wanna see other peoples' lists!
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[ profile] ontherainbow [ profile] ontherainbow[ profile] ontherainbow

The best comm joining decision I've ever made, and there's only two posts on the comm so far. :D
A place to discuss lgbt/queer issues in the context of Johnny's Entertainment (my jpop boyband included), and so far there is amazing discussion. Sparklies and intelligent, well-thought out comments, and I'm excited about possible posts to come. Genderswap in fanfiction, attitudes towards RPS, gender and sexuality performance...*gleefully geeks out*

[ profile] waxrose, ILU FOR STARTING THIS COMM. ♥
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See, I hear that and I think of "Brand New World", which is one of my favorite openings for the One Piece anime. :D

Squee and flail time! :D! )

P.S. So Arashi and DBSK on Music Station. Who else is excited? :D
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So I was reading through [ profile] mistful's journal and got sucked into a couple of essays she wrote about children's books such as The Secret Garden and hilarious reviews of various YA fantasy novels.

And it got me thinky. Below is thinky (well, it's squee liberally laced with thinky). )

Here below is a brief (hah!) list of some children/YA fantasy that left a deep impression on me. So, what's your list? Any recommendations?

Bring on the books! )

Okay, that's enough verbiage for now. But yes! I want to hear from you, have you read YA novels? What sorts of books have left deep impressions on you? Any recommendations? Want to convince me that adult fiction isn't all bad? Get to it! :P
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This is a completely pointless post other than for squeeing. XD Because a couple folks on my flist have posted a Golden Compass meme for getting your own daemon, and I'm all, what? And yaaaaaaay there's gonna be a movie OMG. I love the "His Dark Materials" series, and the trailer looks gorgeous. The CG's a little interesting but I totally squealed when I saw Iorek Byrnison cross the screen, hehehe. I hope hope hope the film doesn't butcher the books, but it looks good. Wow Nicole Kidman looks perfect for Mrs. Coulter, and Serafina Pekkala eeeeeee she's so pretty and she *flies*. Saw some concept art and immediately identified it as the river by Oxford where the Gypsies moor their houseboats and that's a good sign, hee. And there's an alethiometer on the movie website to play with! Eeeeeeeeee....

That's all. ^_^ I read the first two books when I first got into fantasy novels in middle school, and the third book was nowhere near being done at that point, and in fact I didn't read The Amber Spyglass until last year, but it was amazing and heart breaking and philosophically crazy and the end just...broke me. In a good way. ^^ Yeah, in terms of good British young adult/children's literature, this series blows HP away, completely out of the water, hehe. Blasphemy, I know. XD Read it! The Golden Compass, The Subtle Knife, and The Amber Spyglass. *pimppimp*


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