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Hey folks <3 I'm alive. And I will make a life-in-Melonland update soonish. But first!

So I went to Taipei, Taiwan last year to see Arashi in their AAA2008 concert (you can check my tags on the side for my journal entries about it). It was marvelous, and I ended up buying some concert goods. One of them was the penlight; the other was the group poster with the fireworks and all.

The point being, this poster has been hanging on my wall and creeping me out for the past year. ^_^;;;;; I've discovered that I'm kinda averse to having faces of people I don't personally know staring down at me, haha, as much as I love Arashi. I'm hoping there is someone out there on my lovely flist (or lurks, why not) who does not have my issues who'd like this poster! :P

clickie for pic! )

And since it's still November 3 here (ahaha though not in Japan anymore ^^;;;) Happy 10th Anniversary Arashi! Love and laughter to you from this day forward.

Love to you all, update will happen. Somehow. ♥
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Writing this from the US, made it back safe and sound. ^_^ (haha my priorities are crazy. Waiting for the shower, so I'll post this, and next entry should be the ficbits I wrote while I was traveling. Pictures and video I'll work on uploading over the next couple days and add them to the entries, so watch out for the ETA notes!)

No, you didn't miss anything. Day 9 was basically the con report, didn't do anything else but spend too much time on the comp updating with the gray weather, haha. In which I wander around the hip part of town and drool on magazines, visit a temple, wander some street markets and eat tasty food. )

That's all, this Taiwan trip was amazing and I loved it. And don't want to go back to work on Wednesday. :P I want to go back someday with friends, it was marvelous wandering around by myself but it would be even more fun with people to travel and bounce off of. My love to all who've been reading, and again, keep an eye out for edits! ^____^
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I probably should put this in the other entry, but it's more of a two-day observation notes sort of thing mulling around in my head. ^_^

1) I find it fascinating how each of the boys interacts with fans. Ohno gives great fanservice, he looks for people, and his focus will be split more heavily in the "fans near him when he's walking" direction, and then when he's standing still singing he'll pay great attention to the fans way up in the stands. On Day 2 the fans in the front row of my section came right up against the center walkway, and as Ohno came down he bent and touched their hands. Hee, I was so happy for them. And I saw Ohno make several "reeling in fish motions at several fans, so cute.

- Aiba, Sho and Nino will wave and make contact with fans, but their focus seems to be more on the fans farther away, so there's more general waving but I've seen them do the pointing and peace-ing at fans. During one song transition it was a little quiet and the Korean fans behind me waved their uchiwa like mad at the far end stage and Aiba had turned around for a moment, saw them and grinned and waved at them before turning back to face the fans in the high stands.

- Matsujun really balances out a mix of both close and far attention, and he tends to wave and do little...not air kiss things, but the sorts of little motions that make the fans go nuts, haha. And he's the camwhore. XD

So all of them together really work well to interact with fans. They tried really hard second day to go around everywhere and still have member interaction, I only hope with my hollering and flailing and jumping around and grinning at them that I was able to communicate my appreciation of that. And my vast affection and support of them, haha.

I believe they left back for Japan this morning, I imagine Aiba was saying "zaijian" (goodbye, but with the literal meaning of 'see you again') to the xiaolongbao. I still can't believe between the five of them they ate nearly 300 xiaolongbao fjaorijaoga. At least now we know they're eating. ;_; Vegetables are another story, but hey, they're getting meat and they must be burning energy like crazy.

So no regrets at all, I had a blast and I would love to do it again. This was my first time seeing Arashi in concert (first time at a music concert that wasn't a classical music performance, in fact) and it was AMAZING. Arashi is really in their element performing at the concerts, and I wish them all the best as they go into their 10th year. ♥ (If I knew how to do multicolored hearts properly I totally would XD)
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*flails some more*

Three encores! And touching, omg the touching all over the place! *___*

Writing this tonight because in the morning I need to pack. XD In which I make new friends and scream and jump around a lot. )

Okay, done! To bed, and on the morrow I will pack, and mail off postcards, and possibly do a last bit of touring around since my flight doesn't leave until 11:30 at night, so perhaps a visit to the bakery museum is in order if it's open (so many places are open Tues-Sun), and to Ximending to use the last of my money if it's not. :P My mom had told me to spend all that I'd changed because it wouldn't be worth anything changed back. :P

*Looks at clock for entry finish time: aofaorijagar 2:05am* Okay dead. Still need to shower. Good night all. ♥
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In which I walk in circles at the train station, visit a garden and learn some history, get eaten alive by mosquitos, go shopping, and learn about sharks )

And see the next entry for concert prep and report!
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Ah, so late. I'm glad I spent yesterday handwriting this for myself before posting here, because I have a memory like a sieve. ^^;;;

In which I travel on a train like a sardine, pretend to be an art critic, eat delicious food and fangirl Arashi in three languages )
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Okay, I have two days' worth of journal entries to catch up on, I know. That will happen when I wake up, hehe.

But one small thing: Arashi concert: SCREEEEEEEEEEEAM! \o/ Exhilarating and wonderful and exciting and I will have a separate concert report from the daily travel entries, so people can skip that if they don't want spoilers. Unfortunately they are strict with people watching and I had an aisle seat, so no video tonight, just a couple of pics from the beginning to show how amazingly close I was aforijaogar. Spitting distance, if you can spit pretty far. :P

Oh I had so much fun! And ladies, the Jun+Nino action was seriously, all through the concert. *_*

Okay, shower and bed, and tomorrow I will spend a ridiculous amount of time on the comp to properly update everyone. :D

My love to everybody! ♥
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Haha, I've posted more this past week than I have in the past several months, ne? XD
In which I walk in circles, make paper, case the joint I'm gonna infiltrate, and buy stuff )
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In which I am exceedingly, ridiculously lazy. Also the Taipei City Mall underground )
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Let's go to the National Palace Museum! And get rained on! Plus a bookstore jaunt )
Okay, that's it for now. It's looking quite wet and miserable out there for now, so I'm inclined to be lazy and stay indoors. I might check out the East Metro Mall.
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Now including mistaken identity, Botanical Gardens, the National History Museum, idol shops and street music )
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Sorry for the spam, wanated to get things down before I forget, since I'm doing a lot. Sort of. :P

Let the museum geekery begin! ^___^ )
That's it so far, I'm enjoying the museum geekery and while it would be fun to have someone to geek with, this is cool too, since I can go where I like according to my inclinations, and follow my own schedule.

Day 2 is beginning, and I'm thinking of checking out the National History Museum and Botanical gardens today. And maybe Ximending where the import stuff is. I'm saving the National Palace Museum for tomorrow since apparently everybody closes on Monday except for that museum.
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These journal posts will be edited to add photographs when I get back!

Day 0 is my adventures at SFO airport and on the plane. )
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Have made it safe to Taipei! \o/

The weather reports made it seem to me like it would be cool and wet. In fact, it's warm and muggy. I'm sitting at the computer in my long-sleeved pajamas with the arms rolled up and I can feel sweat dripping a bit. Hahah tmi. The hostel is clean and nice, there's a kitty in residence, and I plan to explore today!

So, anyone of you lovelies want a postcard? Send me your address! Comments shall be screened.
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Okay folks, my obligations at work are taken care of (whew, finally, making schedules shouldn't be that hard but it is orz) as of 7pm this evening. Plane leaves at 5:40pm tomorrow (Thursday afternoon).

Done packing. Sure hope my luggage will pass as a carry on and I won't have to check it.

Am armed with plane tickets, concert tickets, notebook full of directions to the hostel and important phone numbers and places to visit and of course, chock full of drabble prompts. :D

Theoretically I'll have internet access at the hostel. Hopefully I'll meet some interesting people to tour Taipei with, otherwise I will cheerfully museum geek on my own.

Fingers crossed that I don't get blown away by any storms, hehe. In any senses of the words. XDDD

See you on the other side! My love to you all ♥
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Okay, I've got two more done! I may have time to make more, we shall see, depending on the ideas and translating abilities. :P

Shiny uchiwa faces underneath! )

And last thing! I'll be leaving for the airport on October 2 with my mom, who's going to China. Her flight's about noon, mine is about 5:30pm. And then the flight is about 11 hours or so? So I need something to do for that time! :D :D :D

Drabble prompts please! :D?

I've hit some serious writer's block on those two fics that I was working on. orz So anything character or pairing plus a prompt, Arashi fandom of course since that's all I feel vaguely confident in writing at the moment. No guarantees what I'll turn out with, or what length things will be. Have at it! ^_^
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Dear sir,

9/3 sends

Sends the about for 5-10 working day

thanks a lot


What does that mean? Arashi AAA Taiwan tickets GET! *SCREAM*

I hope the seats are cool. Forget that, it's an Arashi concert, they're going to be awesome no matter what. So now, one month to figure out how to make an uchiwa. *_* Anyone else in the internets going? Meetup? Uwaaah serious planning begins. This will be my motivation for surviving September at work, for serious. *_*



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