Sep. 1st, 2010 11:05 pm
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This...should probably be obvious. Please to not be cross-posting any comments and what have you on this journal to facebook or twitter. Not that I'm all that crazy anyway, but just in case. :P

Hope all you lovelies are doing well. ♥ Day 3 of new job, still haven't managed to blow anything up yet.
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First day at the new job, administrative assistant, aka glorified receptionist. Learned shiny new things, so far so good. Didn't blow anything up.

It's still the 30th here, so I figure I'll join the bandwagon and wish Jun-face a happy birthday. ;P No matter how far I range in fandoms (even though I'm currently neck deep in Inception fic and playing around in Super Junior M and various other Korean groups), Arashi's proved to keep their hold on me. ^_^

Hope all you lovely folks are doing well, I'll try to be better at, um, being alive. <3
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One more day of retail madness, and then I hope it trickles off? Surprisingly, not more than a couple three bitchy spoiled customers this year. People have been amazingly polite, forbearing and patient as we do our best to not just clerk but provide service, while wrestling with the damn machines. ^^;;;

Happy holidays, whatever all y'all dearies celebrate. Love and peace to you all, even if I hardly ever talk with you (especially lately) you are in my thoughts.

I should be getting to bed, but I was updating thingies and perhaps tomorrow I'll actually respond to the build-up of comments in my inbox concerning topics I really want to discuss and/or flail about.

Anyhow, since I totally fail and completely forgot to link:

♥♥♥♥♥ [ profile] waxrose

Please read that. She used my silly prompt and came up with something deliciously cracktastic and yet so, so telling about Jun-pon. Last one had tears rolling down my face, no lie. SEKRIT MESSAGE: YOU ARE WONDERFUL AND PLEASE DON'T EVER STOP. ♥

And now cut because the last couple days have been filled with no sleep, and yet my brain decides to pester me with ideas, so here's my brain spew. Please send help. A Preview: Brain: This fandom isn't a fandom until there is bodyswitch!fic! )
Me: -_- Someone needs to take this idea and run with it. Preferably not me because sleep is nice.
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In bullets, because I'm scattered like that.

1) Went to the dentist last Thursday, finally making use of the dental coverage. Found out that I had three cavities, one of them in my upper left wisdom tooth. Which I had thought was sprouting extra bits of tooth since December. Had it pulled, and what do you know-- it was. I have mutant wisdom teeth! Will scan and post at some point. :P

2) That dental office was cooool. The xray thing? Wasn't actually bits of xray film stuck in my mouth. It was a sensor, and the dentist showed me my teeth on the laptop immediately afterwards. So cool.

3) My brother is graduating his special needs post-graduate program next week. Yay! We went to the dinner-dance thing tonight. Tasty catered food, actually (I declare it's better than some of the weird catered stuff I've had at Scripps when it was trying to be swanky).

4) Re: his graduation, he invited me to go to Great America with him this past Tuesday. It was fun, though for various reasons I ended up going back alone to meet up with his classmates and teacher for a while. Ahhh, it was fun, even though I went on most of the rides by myself. The rollercoasters were such a rush! And since it was in the middle of the week, despite all the busloads of schoolkids, it was relatively sparsely populated. Short lines at nearly everything, though the Rapids ride was a 20-minute wait and disappointingly tame. Vertigo yay! Flight Deck yay! Psycho Mouse yay! (I love that feeling of almost going over the edge, haha) No spinny rides for me though. @_@

I want to go back at some point with friends, I think. ^_^

5) Work is...interesting. I'm being challenged every day, learning how to manage and motivate people. It's been a rocky ride, that's for sure. I screw up a whole lot, and I'm hoping like hell I'm learning fast enough to keep up. ^^;;; But I have really sweet customers, not nearly the number of spoiled picky people as in LG, but a few crazies and a few odd folks with entitlement complexes, but you get that everywhere.

6) Today marks my 1 year anniversary in Arashi/JE fandom. \o/ I kinda can't believe it. It's the longest I've been continuously in one fandom, because usually I'll be in one for five or six months at most neck deep and reading fic and downloading canon like crazy, and then it'll taper off. Then again, all my previous fandoms have been manga, anime, books and TV shows. With a fandom like Arashi, where 'canon' is continuously being produced and shared, well. :P I blame it all on [ profile] mousapelli. :D :D :D

7) All my best to you loves. ♥ Even if I suck at commenting or otherwise keeping in touch, know that you're in my thoughts and I wish you well.
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I've survived my first week as manager! I've scheduled myself the day off Sunday! \o/

And all in all, not horrible. Narrowly averted a personnel crisis, spent the first three days trying to figure out why our printer was leaving scratches on photographs (and solved it, I hope *crosses fingers*), was up to my elbows in processor racks cleaning them out in the course of solving the above problem, sold a couple little cameras (>.<) and delegated training of new folks to the veteran personnel. I'm alive. *flop*

To steal a line from [ profile] mousapelli, I think, it's kinda hard to rebel against The Man when you are The Man. It sucks. I was forcibly reminded of that my first two days. My brain is a crazy, twisty place, in that I've spent a fair amount of time being anti-corporate America, and cognizant of the fact that capitalism and the continued health and welfare of human beings are two relatively mutually exclusive concepts. And yet, and yet, as soon as I became a manager, I kinda forgot that. Somebody needs to kick my hard in the pants. A lot. I owe a lot to my mom for helping me figure things things out the first night I came back, so that I wouldn't do anything irreparably stupid.

So yes. People, please tell me when I am being corporately stupid. :\

And below the cut, I shall meander on about fandom ^_^ )

Love to everybody, hope you're doing well, since I'm bad at keeping in touch. If you made it through all that tl;dr since I'm in the habit of talking a lot, hats off to you! :P
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For those of you that know, I've been working at Wolf Camera (one store of the chain, anyhow) for the past year and a month (exactly ^^). My district manager got me into the manager training program last September/October, so I've been in training for the last few months for that.

This Sunday (well, this Monday really since everyone's closed for Easter) I'm officially a store manager. Not of my old store, which will always be my 'home' store to me, but a different branch that will actually be closer to where I live, so I could potentially take longer lunches (an hour, even!) and drive home and eat and come back. Nervous as hell, because even though I've been transitioning over the last couple weeks, I'm still getting used to where everything is and barely keeping on top of the paperwork. ^_^;;; But the crew here is good, there's new hires coming in, I interviewed two people on my own for the first time yesterday, and the crew at my old store is absolutely AWESOME and they're being really supportive.

That's my big news for now. \o/ Life is busy, and I prolly need to get out more, but that's gonna have to wait. :P Bug me and I'll post some of the pics I've been taking with my manual film camera.


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