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+ Survived the CBEST test!
- Frustrated the hell out of myself because I did the second essay first, but wrote it on the sheet for the first essay. D: So I had to transcribe it to the proper sheet and erase the wrong part. Wasted about twenty minutes, so I didn't finish essay no. 1.

+ Made a new friend at the test!
- Because the officials who collected all our cell phones at the beginning couldn't find hers!
+ But it turned out later to have been in the wrong box. Phone recovered! I basically spent time lending her my phone so she could call her ride, and we swapped stories. She told me about being a teacher in Colombia and coming her, learning English, and testing to be a teacher here. I told her about trying to be a speech therapist.

+ Found a recipe for Amazing and Easy Lentils and Rice. It really was that easy. Used some frozen lamb stock I had in the freezer for flavor, garlic, onion and tomatoes, and it was delicious.
- (?) Mom said that everything in her bathroom smelled like it afterwards. :P
+ Food porn at Queen's house! Photographs to come! Poached pears, cake, and my lentils and rice, and wine/sparkling cider. All to try the burnt caramel sauce I bought when Queen and I went to the SF Farmer's Market at the Ferry Building. Guys? The term 'foodgasm' is utterly appropriate here.

- Work was so boring because of the rain. Pretty quiet.
---Murphy decided to liven things up. I'm not sure if I was klutzy, forgetful, or the machine just went haywire. We have a stack cutter for cutting edges off photographs. Very low-tech, a bar for holding the photos in place and a blade on a giant handle, like a giant cleaver. Usually I'll cut, then put the handle back to vertical where a little catch keeps it in place. This time as I was getting the cut photos out, the handle fell down. So I caught it -- blade-first on my fingers. UM, THE EASILY SQUICKED MAY WANT TO SKIP THIS PART WHICH SHALL BE BEHIND LJ-CUT )

+ Birthday dinner for my grandpa, turning 79! Uncle and aunt came in, there was cooking of delicious food like corn soup, steamed fish, eggplant, mushrooms galore, and more tasty veggies than you can shake a stick at. :D And awesome cake from my aunt's friend's bakery in Chinatown, spongecake with fruit and this awesome light frosting, not heavy like buttercream (I can't stand American desserts because of the heavy frosting).

+ Bro showed me this hilarious video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JruqUIjl5Sw
The Muppets doing Bohemian Rhapsody. You have not lived until you've seen this.

Okay, long enough! Hope all you darlings are doing wonderfully! ♥
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Well, sort of. :D They jokingly refer to themselves as the oldest kpop idols currently in existence. Four member male vocal group Sweet Sorrow!

I discovered them last summer because someone on [livejournal.com profile] omonatheydidnt posted a video of them doing an a capella version of something by Super Junior. Their music is gorgeous.

Case in point: 5 minutes of music that is sexy and completely dorky by turns. :D

You may want to check out part 2 as well, if part 1 is interesting!

In other news, my computer is slooooooow. So [livejournal.com profile] flange5, I'll get to your chili post eventually. And tomorrow the Queen is coming over, and teaching me to cook Arabic food. So I'll be learning to make hummos (garbanzo beans with garlic and spices, mmm), a potato and cilantro salad, and kefta (beef and parsley and spices). *rubs hands together gleefully* I need to get up early and buy a mortar and pestle.

How are you darlings doing? <3
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On youtube here. Not gonna lie, I cried. You can hear the pain and worry and hope and sorrow in her voice.

A thought: You can dam and divert a river. But you can't even hope to dam an ocean, and that's what this is becoming. This is the major historical moment of our times.

Question to the flist: Is having all these little posts as I come across things in the aggregate blogs all right? Or would you prefer me to just have a big honking Iran 2009 post at the top of my journal to add things to?
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ARgh arghr argh. I don't know if it's that my computer's getting too old for this or what. Is there a way to forcibly downgrade Youtube videos? Because everything I've been watching for the past week, even if it looks like it's in lower quality, seems to be too high quality to play smoothly. The sound will come through fine but the picture will hang and stick and it doesn't even look good! >.< And I'm on basic DSL, by the way. Especially frustrating because I've been trying to watch vids that have dancing in them.

Suggestions? Halp? o_________o
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My brother just showed me this. So cute. But. ;_;

Kiwi! is a little 3-D animation about, well, a kiwi bird. Watch it, but maybe not when you're in a sad mood?
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See, I hear that and I think of "Brand New World", which is one of my favorite openings for the One Piece anime. :D

Squee and flail time! :D! )

P.S. So Arashi and DBSK on Music Station. Who else is excited? :D
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1) Okay, after...five years, I've finally updated my journal theme from the watermelon theme I chose when I first created this account. XDDDD Also added links to posts of interest, for folks looking for the Taiwan trip to see Arashi, or my smashed thumb tales *waves to [livejournal.com profile] 2dong2woon*

[livejournal.com profile] rhythmia [livejournal.com profile] rhythmia [livejournal.com profile] rhythmia

2) And I went through my journal and pulled out stuff, (ehehe, the impetus for this was my [livejournal.com profile] fivesomeaday fic), and created a fanworks comm for myself. So One Piece (the first and only fandom so far to get me to do fanart) and Arashi (first and only fandom so far to get me to write fanfic) have entries there. [livejournal.com profile] loonyfruit! ^___^

3) It is raining. Please let it rain more, droughts are no fun. Though sideways rain is a bit scary. o.o

4) DBSK on SMAP X SMAP is seriously hilarious. Also it's crazy how I can understand maybe 80-85% of the dialogue and maybe 90% of what's actually happening. Rather excited about Music Station with Arashi and DBSK on at the same time. Come on, fandom!
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Preview and animation with Sho here!

* The kirakira sparkly intro LOL FOREVER

* So. Nino's transformation sequence. LOL FOREVER (I'm thinking either Card Captor Sakura or Sailor Moon. Your thoughts? Or..pffft Tuxedo Mask, if you check out the tail end of that clip)

* That anchor(?) Hattori-san who interviewed Sho (and I assume works with him on Zero) is such an Arashi-fanboy, he called them all by their nicknames. XDDDDD And was so flaily about their weaponry and Ohno's lack thereof. And subsequent kickassness. XDDDD

* Why are all the news folks giggling at Aiba being Otasukeman? The fringe on his outfit? :P

* The animators really captured their characters. I like how in one scene flash, the five of them are riding in a mecha and Aiba's in costume, and has this huuuuuge grin on his face. :D

That is all. I hope some kind soul shares when this PV is released, since I understand it's only going to be available on a cell phone website and not released the way the live-action version will be. That one is also pretty. And their outfits aren't completely on the far edge of JE WTF, I'm pleasantly surprised. Though perhaps I should be more sad at how JE has ruined all sense of fashion and taste that I may cling to. >.> [livejournal.com profile] flange5, I'm eager for your thoughts. :D
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Okay, whether you're a big Arashi fan or not, you kind of need to watch this fanvid RIGHT NOW. *keels over*

A hint: set to "Be A Man" from the Mulan movie. :D

It's just....ah, it's so beautiful. Dorkery and awesome awesome comic timing and iofajroijag. Please, watch it and flail with me!
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I've survived my first week as manager! I've scheduled myself the day off Sunday! \o/

And all in all, not horrible. Narrowly averted a personnel crisis, spent the first three days trying to figure out why our printer was leaving scratches on photographs (and solved it, I hope *crosses fingers*), was up to my elbows in processor racks cleaning them out in the course of solving the above problem, sold a couple little cameras (>.<) and delegated training of new folks to the veteran personnel. I'm alive. *flop*

To steal a line from [livejournal.com profile] mousapelli, I think, it's kinda hard to rebel against The Man when you are The Man. It sucks. I was forcibly reminded of that my first two days. My brain is a crazy, twisty place, in that I've spent a fair amount of time being anti-corporate America, and cognizant of the fact that capitalism and the continued health and welfare of human beings are two relatively mutually exclusive concepts. And yet, and yet, as soon as I became a manager, I kinda forgot that. Somebody needs to kick my hard in the pants. A lot. I owe a lot to my mom for helping me figure things things out the first night I came back, so that I wouldn't do anything irreparably stupid.

So yes. People, please tell me when I am being corporately stupid. :\

And below the cut, I shall meander on about fandom ^_^ )

Love to everybody, hope you're doing well, since I'm bad at keeping in touch. If you made it through all that tl;dr since I'm in the habit of talking a lot, hats off to you! :P
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Only a little bit though. ^^

I just happen to be listening to this music video a lot recently because 1) the vocals are..mmmmmmmm*sigh* and 2)it doesn't hurt that the guys in this video are pretty hot.

Precious Love- by V6 (Tonisen group)

And a different group...this one plays instruments. ^_^ Their music's pretty good and fun, from what I've heard so far. It's also entertaining to watch them on their shows, acting like dorks. XD

Ashita wo Mezashite- by TOKIO

Oh dear, I got into Jpop fandom through Arashi, and now I'm being irresistibly pulled into the older groups...^^;;;
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Well, actually, it's rather chilly in here even though it's sunny inside.
But what I mean is this performance of "Cool and Soul" by Arashi. They're a jpop group that I fell in love with because they're adorably dorky and idiotic and funny and full of TEAM/member-ai/nakamashippy goodness in their variety shows. But then I see them in concert (via youtube and downloads only, alas, perhaps someday I'll go to a live concert) and they are SMOKING HOT ALFJKOAIGJLARJOFALRJG;

My evidence!

The beginning is them talking about their new message, I think (not enough Japanese to pull out full complicated sentences) since this concert series is about the power of words. Lyrics and translations to the original version of this song/rap is here thanks to [livejournal.com profile] noesunexito. Just so you know "Arashi" means "storm" in Japanese, thus all the references to, well, wind and rain and storminess. :P

I just really really wanted to share this because it's intense and it's HOMG AWESOMESAUCE.
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Why is it that lately, the only people who hit on me are sketchy drunk white guys? I'm vaguely concerned that this says something about me. >.<

In happier news, my life is full of nature, friends, absolutely delicious food, and me actually having a social life instead of being perpetually parked in front of the computer. :P I hear you gasp, internets, but it's true. However, I will post properly once I have the energy and once I've got my pictures digitized. Yay for manual film cameras!

This is just a post to prove that I'm alive, really. ^^ One Piece art continues apace, slowly, because a lot of my fannish energy is currently invested in fangirling various Japanese and Korean dramas and Arashi. Whee for goofy boybands! Who have happy bouncy ghei music videos like Happiness! ^_^
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Ganked from [livejournal.com profile] plotbunny_tiff's rec. This is the most awesome rendition of a Shakespearean monologue I've ever seen. Thank goodness done without a fake Brit accent. :P

And for [livejournal.com profile] calculusdude16 and [livejournal.com profile] artemidora, here he is doing a bit from Sweeney Todd: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qm_ubKvHFx0

I wish I could comment on the site, but I don't wanna sign up for a yt account. :P But yeah, SO AWESOME.


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