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Taking the CBEST tomorrow. Not going to be a teacher, but the speech therapy grad program requires it. So I need to prove that I can read, write and do math at the high school level. Fun times include being at the testing site from 8am-1:15pm. Keep your fingers crossed that Murphy doesn't have it in for me. :P

Reward to self afterwards: episodes 4-6 of Oh My Lady kdrama fluff. :D Provided I get the technical stuff sorted out on viikii.

Hey all

Dec. 25th, 2009 08:46 am
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Happy Christmas to those who celebrate it. It's basically just another excuse to get together and have lots of tasty food in my family, since we're not in any way Christian. :P

Even if we don't talk much, even if we haven't known each other very long, I appreciate you lovelies being who you are, and your presence in my life. All the best to you and yours, a safe and happy holiday, and good health and a prosperous new year. <3

Also! The offer is still open for anyone who would like snail mail! It wouldn't be a holiday card, but I am in the mood to write letters with little sketches and suchlike in them. International (i.e. outside the US if you need a point of reference) is not a problem, just a bit more stamps. :P So please PM me with your address if you'd like a bit of mail.


In other news, I'm glad this townhouse has a home warranty on it. The ground floor ceiling underneath my bathroom is leaking. DX I think the previous owner was never here enough, so he didn't notice that maybe when he had the master bathroom redone so pretty, the seals on the pipes or something weren't so good...


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