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Greetings, fellow travelers across the universe! :D

A brief introduction:
I'm that breed of fannish creature that is serially monogamous. My current obsession is with the jpop shiny rainbow boyband otherwise known as Arashi, though I have been (or am parallel-ly) involved in One Piece, Skip Beat!, Stargate: Atlantis, Fruits Basket, Harry Potter, Hana Yori Dango, Hikaru no Go and various other manga fandoms.

I'm not sure how much I'll use this journal as yet; it'll be a grand adventure! Otherwise, I am usually on livejournal as [livejournal.com profile] rhythmia, and you can find my writing/fannish production journal at [livejournal.com profile] loonyfruit.

As I wrote in the profile, I don't bite ('less you ask ^_~), so please feel free to drop by and chat! If you do decide to put me on your reading list, I'd appreciate you dropping me a line, if only so I know who's reading, and so we can make friends. ^___^
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This is my personal/fannish journal. I answer to M or Mel (nicknames of nicknames :D) I've got an open friending policy, but please drop me a line and let me know and say hi, because I like meeting new people, and knowing who's reading me, if anyone. ^_^ If you'd prefer to lurk thereafter, no worries, but I promise I don't bite ('less you ask nicely).

If you're here for the flail, great! I'm currently into Arashi (jpop boyband of rainbows), Johnny's Entertainment bands in general, Dong Bang Shin Ki (kpop boyband of dorkiness and hot), Skip Beat! (manga about the entertainment industry), knitting, and a smattering of other manga.

If you're here for the fic and fanart, please go to [livejournal.com profile] loonyfruit. Yes, it's a horrible, horrible pun if you know me offline. :D
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Fic bunnies and links to fulfilled fics )
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Still not dead! \o/ So Gyzym is one of those lovely people who I enjoy following because she writes delicious fic, posts ridiculously funny things, and writes heartfelt and damn useful posts when the mood strikes.

So, via Gyzym on tumblr:

so! here are some things to keep in mind when a friend or loved one comes out to you as queer, because someone apparently needs to say them somewhere!

[a quick note: i am using queer as an umbrella term to encompass the various and assorted different variants of gender and sexual identity. for more information on those variants, feel free to check out this website.]

1. this is not about you.

certainly—certainly!—it may feel like it is. you may be thinking of how this information impacts your life, or how you feel about it; you may be remembering your own experiences with queer perceptions, or queer people, or queer pamphlets, for all i care. and you know what? that’s just fine. on your own time, you may feel free to pour yourself a large cup of tea and work out how you feel about this new development in your life! that’s natural and normal; we, as human beings, have feelings about everything from our families to our favorite brands of cereal, and none of them are wrong.

however! when you are with the person who has come out to you, especially in the immediate wake of that conversation, you must swallow that down, because it is selfish! talking about your feelings on someone else’s coming out is like talking about your feelings on someone else’s loss—and i should point out, at this point, that i do not in any way mean to equate coming out as, or indeed being, queer with any kind of tragedy. it isn’t, and we will get to that in a second. i use loss only because it is the clearest parallel in terms of depth of feeling; the person who has come out to you, let’s just call them Person A, has done so against the weight of a thousand coming out stories that resolved badly, against the negativity still in our media and politics, against the fact that, just to use one example, as recently as 1973, “homosexuality” was listed as a psychological disorder by the American Psychiatric Organization! even if you are a deeply tolerant person and have made that known, there is still, always, the fear that your tolerance does not extend to Person A specifically! thus, the loss parallel makes sense, in the sense that some part of Person A is more emotionally raw than usual—the same way you would not respond to someone’s discussion of the loss of a family member with all the ways that loss was negatively affecting your life, you should not respond to someone’s coming out with it’s negative effects on you. IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU. maybe, at some point, when Person A is in a less raw place, you can have that conversation, but that is their call, because, again, not about you.

2. being queer is not a tragedy.

one of the things my mother said to me over and over after i came out to her: “i’m just worried about your safety.” and you know what, that was, in its way, incredibly sweet of her; she, as my mother, loved me enough that the idea of me being hurt for who i was kept her up nights. that warms my heart! but it also made me feel small and scared and wrong every time she said that, and it took me a long time to figure out why.

Click the link above for the whole post. Worth the read, as it may come in handy for just about anybody.

Hope everyone is doing well! ♥
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Hahah, long time no see LJ-land. ^_^

[livejournal.com profile] waxrose just reminded me that I ought to post something and prove I aten't ded yet.

Thing one: I have a new car! A 2010 used Toyota Yaris, purchased on Mole Day (10/23) :D Pictures to follow. It's cute and looks like a blue jellybean.

Thing two: I do surveys with this group called Pinecone Research (associated with Nielson) from time to time and they're doing a round of open memberships. I originally got into it because [livejournal.com profile] mousapelli posted about it a while back, and I've been doing it for a couple years now.

You fill out a detailed product survey maybe once, twice a month, it takes 20 minutes or so, and then you get three dollars. It's cool, and sure, it's not much, but three bucks is still three bucks. ;P You can click on the referral link below if you'd be interested. Only one registration per household though.


And for more info, http://www.pineconeresearch.com//about.HTM and http://www.pineconeresearch.com//policy.htm

Thing three: How are all you lovely people doing? ♥
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Via acentric @ tumblr:

What I picture when people say "I don't swing that way":

So, the heterosexuals are on the swingset, swinging back and forth like most people do.

And then there are the homosexuals swinging, like, side to side or something.

The bisexuals are sort of alternating between the two, and the pansexuals are just twisting their swing up in a knot and crashing into everyone like “fuck the police i do what i want”

And then the asexuals are just chilling out in the sandbox all alone, like: HEY GUISE, LOOK AT THE CASTLE I MADE GUISE, LOOK GUISE IT HAS A MOTE. GUISE. LOOK.

Ahahaha best analogy ever y/y? XDD I'll be over here in the sandbox, going, "Dude, swings are cool but hey, lookit my awesome artsy fartsy sand castle, it's got a turret and I found a cool leaf for the flag and there's a moat, c'mon guys come play with me!"

Brb crying with laughter XDDD

ASL! \o/

May. 21st, 2011 01:15 pm
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Just posting to say that I'm happy. I have the day off, going to visit Husband and her new baby, get some chores done.

Yesterday night I went to another Deaf Coffee social at Starbucks. I've been going almost monthly for the last couple of years, and usually when I meet people I just fingerspell my name, which begins with an H. You know how usually when you learn a foreign language, the teacher will give you a name in that language? I had a French name, my classmates got Chinese names (I already had one), and a Spanish name.

In Deaf culture, someone gives you a name sign. Usually it's based on some attribute (not always flattering), kinda like the way in some parts of Chinese and other cultures you'll get nicknames based on some attribute (Chubby Yuan, Little Yu, etc), or a guy I know called Tall John.

Anyway, for the last almost two years, I fingerspelled my name. I figured at some point, I'd meet enough people, and maybe a friend would give me one. So last night one of my friends introduced me to another Deaf friend of theirs, and he asked me what my name sign was when I introduced myself. I told him I didn't have one....and he gave me one! *dances* Haha my classmate dragged me out to show our teacher.

What is it? If you look up the way to fingerspell "H", it's with your index and middle fingers together, fingers held parallel to the ground, but the palm is oriented vertically (perpendicular to the ground). For my name sign, hold the H at the corner of my mouth, because apparently I have a dimple when I smile really big? Yeah. :D

Hope all is well with everyone~ what are you lovelies up to? ♥
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Musings that have been floating around in my brain for the past several months re: fic and changing bodies and identity and gender and how that plays out in different fandoms.

Okay, so you know those fics where X character wakes up or gets zapped by an Ancient machine or magic or what-have-you, and a previously female character ends up in a male body, or a male one ends up in a female body? (I've never read anything where the author tackled intersex people, so I can't speak for those)

It kind of varies between fandoms, but I've been noticing a spate of it in the Japanese/Jpop and Korean/Kpop fandoms I'm in lately. And it happens a lot where when, say a male character wakes up in a female body, suddenly everyone around them is awkward and treats them like they changed genders, and switch pronouns, and that character starts trying to display traits marked as "feminine", and usually somewhere in there we have a party of describing their new appearance (and clothes) and somehow sex ends up getting involved in the name of exploration.

...honestly I am guilty of some that in one fic I wrote, but that fic gave me so much trouble because I was adamant about keeping the pronouns, because in my head I *knew* the characters still thought of themselves as male, they were in essence borrowing the bodies for a while, and deciding to try performing a different gender as part of the experience. But I still felt kinda icky at myself for putting them through that gaze experience of "hey, let's dress you up girly and describe every bit of how you look for the audience now". Sorry for putting you through it, lovely betas! ^^;;

And honestly I should have known better than to call it genderswap, given all the stuff I've done in school about sex and gender not being the same thing. But that was the term available, and I didn't think to try a new or different one. And then I hit Kpop fic and the pronoun-switching was going on all over the place. On second thought, it might with a stretch be considered genderswap because the authors were making their body-switched characters think of themselves as a different gender, and perform a different gender. It still kind of bothered me that the sexswap caused the person to suddenly change their behavior and thought-processes so much, because in most cases I'm not sure the author was trying to discuss issues of gender identity at all.

Anyway, I'd hesitated to post anything about it because while I like being kind of androgynous, I mostly identify female and I don't think of myself as being trans, so I didn't want to speak for that experience.

Luckily! And the point of this post! Iambickilometer made a post called Five+ Ways Being Transgender in Fandom Really Sucks, and Why I Stick With It Anyway and [livejournal.com profile] gyzym linked to it and had some interesting discussion of her own here.

I'm curious about your thoughts? .____.

...love to you all, I'm still alive. ♥
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I will never get back the last 1 hour and 40 minutes I spent watching The Hangover, so I figured I will relieve my feelings and at the same time write about things that give me joy. ^^;;;

Let the Right One In )

Trainman (Densha Otoko 電車男) )

The Hangover )

Yes, so I am alive! The movies I did recommend are worth spending a little time on, I think, and I am going hunting for the Densha Otoko novel once I have time to go to the library. At some point I will do a post about my trip to China for my cousin's wedding, and have pictures. Here's hoping that will actually be before New Year's, haha. Love to all you darlings! ♥
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Still alive, I promise. I hope all of you are doing well, or at least tolerably. ^^

-Going to China (Guangzhou, specifically) for my cousin's wedding, so I'll be gone from November 5 in the evening until I come back November 20. Whoo, 13-14 hour flights.

-Which brings me to my next point. Fic prompts please! So I'll have something to do while I fly alone for so many hours, since I can't bring my knitting. I'm kind of rusty but I'd like to get some practice, since I was re-reading that one Valentine's Day challenge I wrote waaaay back that suddenly got new comments on it, and totally wincing my way through it. Ehehehe. Part of it was the premise was executed kind of poorly (really, I should have known better, but the idea hit me while I was delirious and I just went with it) and part of it was just the writing quality. >.>

So fandoms I will attempt to write for: Arashi, I'm willing to try my hand at Skip Beat!, Ouran High School Host Club, and maaaaaybe Inception (I think I'd like to explore Ariadne, Yusuf, and Saito, but I'm scared of writing them wrong despite having seen the movie twice, hehe). Possibly Super Junior M but I think my impressions of them are too strongly influenced by fandom. I want to write more girls/women! :D

Hit me with your best shot!

<3 to you all~
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I refuse to link Elizabeth Moon's lovely (*sarcasm) rant about Muslims and assimilation and how WE MUST ALL BE ASSIMILATED (read: erase our own cultures to fit into WASP-y middle class US culture) for immigration to succeed. Yeah, um, no.

However! I'm doing a signal boost because [livejournal.com profile] shweta_narayan is a beautiful, brave person and wrote out her own experiences trying to assimilate. The comments are also kind of amazing, and unifying, because issues of assimilation and immigration happen world-wide, and history is cycling around again and things are getting a little hairy. *gives Arizona the side-eye*

Anyhow, love to all of you dears, this is me shaking a little and venting in the middle of the night when I really ought to be in bed.


Sep. 1st, 2010 11:05 pm
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This...should probably be obvious. Please to not be cross-posting any comments and what have you on this journal to facebook or twitter. Not that I'm all that crazy anyway, but just in case. :P

Hope all you lovelies are doing well. ♥ Day 3 of new job, still haven't managed to blow anything up yet.
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First day at the new job, administrative assistant, aka glorified receptionist. Learned shiny new things, so far so good. Didn't blow anything up.

It's still the 30th here, so I figure I'll join the bandwagon and wish Jun-face a happy birthday. ;P No matter how far I range in fandoms (even though I'm currently neck deep in Inception fic and playing around in Super Junior M and various other Korean groups), Arashi's proved to keep their hold on me. ^_^

Hope all you lovely folks are doing well, I'll try to be better at, um, being alive. <3
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Still alive, will update on RL stuff eventually.

I just had to rec this fic: Leading with my heart by [livejournal.com profile] acidpop25.
Inception fandom, Arthur/Eames, and hands down one of the best portrayals of an asexual character that I have ever seen in fic. It totally resonated with me, thus, reccing it!

Related: my delicious bookmarks page is where I keep links to all the lovely fic I've been reading. I need to go through my livejournal memories and input them and tag the heck out of them. >.>
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Still alive. At some point I should probably post about life.

In the meantime! I found this via friendsfriends and it's very interesting to me. [livejournal.com profile] gnine has this to say:

"As you may or may not know, I’m currently working on my MA in Critical Media and Cultural Studies at University of London, SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies). For my thesis, I’m delving into the question of how culture, one’s own, as well as that of the source material one is fanning on, affects how fans identify and interact with said media and the fandoms surrounding them.

I am very aware that academic scrutiny of fandom has at times been…less than pleasant, shall we say. With that in mind, I’d like to make clear that it is not my intent to place fen or fandom under the microscope, but rather to use them as one concrete example in the broader investigation of culture’s impact on the field of media studies."

Here is her survey, and I figure my flist is an interesting spectrum of people, who may also be intrigued by her topic. So. Have at! I already did my tl;dr thing on her post.

I'm curious to see what people say, because I've had interesting experiences being in both Western fandoms and East Asian fandoms and RPF and books and whatnot. Heck, if people want to have discussion here, I'm always up for it. :D

Love to y'all~
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I am totally a 12-year-old, endlessly fascinated with things like mutant teeth and getting stitches. So this is totally cut for the easily squicked, and to spare erjika's sensibilities :D )

I just think it's so cool. And I get the BEST stories from customers about their sliced finger adventures. The gal at the bank told me a story when I was making a deposit. XD

Thing 2: http://www.strindbergandhelium.com.
My freshman year of college, my awesome roommate and I randomly surfed to the Sundance film festival page, and watched a bunch of animated shorts. This set of entries changed our lives. In the sense that I have spread it like a virus among my school friends and it continues to inform our conversations to this day. :D And after 8 years, there will be more!

...I pride myself on my Helium voice. :DDDDDD

Thing 3: @[livejournal.com profile] erjika: BALLS. :3

Thing 4: Going to the Lawrence Hall of Science in Berkeley tomorrow! Deaf event for ASL class, and first time going to that museum. Awesomeness.

Thing 5: Hope all you lovelies are doing well. ♥
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400 applicants, only 38 accepted this year. So full speed ahead finding a new full-time job, and I'll definitely reapply next year. Here's hoping SJSU's financial situation will be better next year, ehehe.

So now I have to break it to the professors who wrote my letters. Urg. On the bright side, this means I'll likely be more flexible about being able to go to China in the fall for my cousin's wedding.

In other news, the stitches are coming out tomorrow! So I'll post up pictures of my Frankenstein-monster fingers. :D

Hope all of you are well~ ♥
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+ Survived the CBEST test!
- Frustrated the hell out of myself because I did the second essay first, but wrote it on the sheet for the first essay. D: So I had to transcribe it to the proper sheet and erase the wrong part. Wasted about twenty minutes, so I didn't finish essay no. 1.

+ Made a new friend at the test!
- Because the officials who collected all our cell phones at the beginning couldn't find hers!
+ But it turned out later to have been in the wrong box. Phone recovered! I basically spent time lending her my phone so she could call her ride, and we swapped stories. She told me about being a teacher in Colombia and coming her, learning English, and testing to be a teacher here. I told her about trying to be a speech therapist.

+ Found a recipe for Amazing and Easy Lentils and Rice. It really was that easy. Used some frozen lamb stock I had in the freezer for flavor, garlic, onion and tomatoes, and it was delicious.
- (?) Mom said that everything in her bathroom smelled like it afterwards. :P
+ Food porn at Queen's house! Photographs to come! Poached pears, cake, and my lentils and rice, and wine/sparkling cider. All to try the burnt caramel sauce I bought when Queen and I went to the SF Farmer's Market at the Ferry Building. Guys? The term 'foodgasm' is utterly appropriate here.

- Work was so boring because of the rain. Pretty quiet.
---Murphy decided to liven things up. I'm not sure if I was klutzy, forgetful, or the machine just went haywire. We have a stack cutter for cutting edges off photographs. Very low-tech, a bar for holding the photos in place and a blade on a giant handle, like a giant cleaver. Usually I'll cut, then put the handle back to vertical where a little catch keeps it in place. This time as I was getting the cut photos out, the handle fell down. So I caught it -- blade-first on my fingers. UM, THE EASILY SQUICKED MAY WANT TO SKIP THIS PART WHICH SHALL BE BEHIND LJ-CUT )

+ Birthday dinner for my grandpa, turning 79! Uncle and aunt came in, there was cooking of delicious food like corn soup, steamed fish, eggplant, mushrooms galore, and more tasty veggies than you can shake a stick at. :D And awesome cake from my aunt's friend's bakery in Chinatown, spongecake with fruit and this awesome light frosting, not heavy like buttercream (I can't stand American desserts because of the heavy frosting).

+ Bro showed me this hilarious video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JruqUIjl5Sw
The Muppets doing Bohemian Rhapsody. You have not lived until you've seen this.

Okay, long enough! Hope all you darlings are doing wonderfully! ♥
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Taking the CBEST tomorrow. Not going to be a teacher, but the speech therapy grad program requires it. So I need to prove that I can read, write and do math at the high school level. Fun times include being at the testing site from 8am-1:15pm. Keep your fingers crossed that Murphy doesn't have it in for me. :P

Reward to self afterwards: episodes 4-6 of Oh My Lady kdrama fluff. :D Provided I get the technical stuff sorted out on viikii.


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